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Part Two: Teaching Notes



Guardian Interactive Map of UK Education System - Click Here

Functions of Formal Education Systems : Marxist Perspective - Click Here

Professor Henry Giroux and Resistance Theory  Click here  September 2023

Functions of Education: New Right Perspective - Click Here     August 2021

 Social Class, Ethnicity, Gender and Patterns of Educational achievement: the data - Click Here    September 2020

Recent Trends in Educational Achievement: Social Class, Gender and Ethnicity - Click Here   (New Page September 2023)

Educational Achievement and Social Class: IQ, Subculture and Material Circumstances  [6 parts] - Click Here September 2020

Educational Achievement and Social Class: [5 parts] - The Schools - Click Here  September 2020

 For University.s not for me: I'm a Nike Person [Article By Louise Archer and Colleagues 2007]   Click here  November 2021

For Educational Failure and Working Class White Children in Britain: Gillian Evans [2006]  Click here  November 2021

Cultural Capital, Cultural Knowledge and Ability [External Link: A Paper by Alice Sullivan] - Click Here

Compensatory Education - Click Here      Updated September 2023

Private Education - Click Here  September 2020

"Race" Ethnicity and Educational Achievement:  [3 parts]  -  Click Here   March 2023

Chinese Pupils and Educational Attainment  Click Here  March 2023

 The Colour of Class:  Summary - Click Here     September 2020

"Race" Ethnicity and Educational Achievement [Powerpoint] - Click Here to Download     March 2023

Gender Differences in Educational Achievement: Some Explanations [5 parts] - Click Here   September 2023

Gender and Subject Choice:  [5 parts] - Click Here    September 2023

Gender and Educational Achievement: GCE Ordinary Level Data [!] - Click Here

Gender and Hidden Curriculum- Click Here

From Tripartite to Comprehensive Secondary Education - Click Here    March 2017

Conservatism, Thatcherism, the New Right and Education Policy 1979-1997 - Click Here

Conservative-Lib Dem Education Policies - Click Here

Coalition Education Policies 2010-2015 [ 3 Parts] - Click Here     September 2016

Coalition Education Policies 2010-2015: Assignment - Click Here   January 2016

The Academies Programme - Click Here    Updated September 2023

 Reviews of Factories for Learning by Christy Kulz-.  Click here and here and here  

Conservative Government Education Policies 2015 - Click Here    March 2017

Social Mobility and Education Policies - Click Here   October 2020

Vocational Education - Click Here     August 2021

Globalisation and Education [Five Parts] - Click here for Part One - January 2022

Recent data on social class, ethnicity, gender and educational achievement - Click here   June 2022

The GCE Advanced Level and GCSE  Examinations of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 - Click here  June 2022

Education Policies 2015-2023  [Three Sections]  Click here for Section One June 2022 

Latest PISA Test Results 2022  Click here  February 2024