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 Introducing Sociology Teaching notes with a few short assignments – Click Here

List of Links to Advanced Level Sociology Websites – Click Here

Welcome to Sociology: an excellent presentation designed for 4-5 lessons by IS Ellen – Click Here To Download 

The Sociological Imagination. 20 Minute video lecture by Mr Steve Bassett [Park Sociology]  You will also find links to lectures on culture, socialisation and more – Click Here

Introducing Sociology: a podcast by Steven Threadgold - Click Here

Steven Threadgold's  comprehensive You Tube   Sociology Resources - Click Here

The Sociological Imagination 8 minute video lecture by Professor Robert Van Krieken – Click Here

Sociological Concepts 12 minute video lecture by Professor Robert Van Krieken – Click Here    July 2019 

Click here for 250+ video clips from Professor Robert Van Krieken on all aspects of Sociology Useful later in your course  – Click Here   July 2019

What is Sociology? 20 minute video lecture by Ms A Sugden – Click Here

The Sociological Imagination: 8 minute podcast by Kate Flatley – Click Here   September 2018

What is Sociology ? 30 minute lecture by Dr Lori Peek – Click Here

The Laurie Taylor Interview Collection [Short videos on the nature and importance of Sociology – Click Here

School of Life podcasts: Comte, Weber, Durkheim – Click Here

School of Life podcasts: Marx – Click Here

Introduction to Sociology You Tube Channel presented by Professor Robert Van Krieken [University of Sydney] – Click Here

Useful introductory lecture on Modernity and Postmodernity by Myles Riley – Click Here

Useful item on The Sociological Imagination [From Revise Sociology] – Click Here

Open textbook chapter on the Nature of Sociology NEW Highly recommended. You can read the entire textbook on line!  Click Here

For  a recent open access USA Sociology text  in which  Chapter one has very useful introductory materials on Sociological Perspectives  – Click Here



Part Two: Teaching Notes



Introducing Sociology – Click Here

Sex, Gender and Feminist Analysis – Click Here

Textbook Chapter on Sex, Gender and Sexuality  Click Here

Marxism: An Introductory Outline  Click Here

Marxism and Contemporary Society – Click Here 

Varieties of Feminism – Click Here 

Social and Political Trends 1940-2010 [Contributed by Mr. Paul Harley] – Click Here 

I am very pleased to include a new link to resources kindly contributed by Steve Bassett of the Sociology Department of Park College Eastbourne. You may now visit the Park College Sociology You Tube Page for excellent materials on Sociological Perspectives, Sociological  Methods  and Mass Media. This YouTube Page also contains materials on Sociology and World Development which you may study in the Second Year of your Sociology course. NEW Link Added October 2013 – Click Here

For a Sociology Lecture Course by Ann Swiddler from Berkeley University. These lectures are quite detailed and may be more useful for teachers and for students in the second year of their Advanced Level Sociology course . In my view they are exceptional. New link added April 2015.  Unfortunately this course is no longer available on You Tube. Hopefully it will return at some later date NEW Link Added August 2017 – Click Here



Part Three: PowerPoint Presentations and Video Clips



 Play list of Park Sociology Podcasts on Core Sociological Concepts and Theories Very, very useful – Click Here

Play list of Park Sociology Podcasts on Sociological Methods Very, very useful – Click Here

 For an external PowerPoint on the Nature of Sociology – Click Here

For The Story of Feral Children – Click Here

For Genie [On socialisation and non-socialisation]  May 2014 – Click Here

For a recent Guardian article on Genie – Click Here

For another external PowerPoint on the Nature of Sociology  Click Here

For a Chris Livesey Video on Structural and Social Action Sociology – Click Here

For Liz Voges Video Introducing Functionalism – Click Here

For Marxism video from the School of Life – Click Here

For videos on Comte, Durkheim, Weber and others from the School of Life – Click Here

For Marxism Podcast from Steve Bassett – Click Here

 For Liz Voges Video Introducing Marxism – Click Here

For Slide Share Presentation: Is Sociology a Science? – Click Here