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Extinction Rebellion: last chance to save the world? BBC documentary – Click Image Below

Sir David Attenborough’s BBC Documentary: Climate Change, The Facts –  Click Image Below

Review of Naomi Klein’s Book – “This Changes Everything” – Click Image Below

For a short video in which Naomi Klein discusses her book This Changes Everything – Click Image Below

Thousands of students go on strike from school in climate change protest – Click Image Below

Climate strike: Schoolchildren protest over climate change – Click Image Below

School pupils call for radical climate action in UK-wide strike – Click Image Below

‘The beginning of great change’: Greta Thunberg hails school climate strikes – Click Image Below

Climate change: Young people striking from school see it for the life-threatening issue it is – Click Image Below

A Compendium of Video and Audio Materials for Students of Advanced Level Government and Politics,  Sociology and History  and for the General Reader. [There are also some articles.]

This page will contain information on various topic links to some resources which may enable students to widen and deepen their knowledge and understanding of political and/or sociological issues which are directly covered in the  Advanced Level Politics and Government and Sociology Specifications but I have also included links to items of more general political and/or sociological importance which may be of interest to both Advanced Level students  and general readers as the world faces increasingly difficult challenges to the achievement of  social justice and environmental sustainability.

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Section 1 - Aspects of Politics: Theory and Practice 

Section 1 - Some Key Historical Topics

Section 2- The USSR and Russia

Section 2 - The Middle East

Section 2 - China

Section 2 - The History of Ireland

Section 2 - The Cold War [24 part series]

Section 3 - The Mass Media [NEW links added March 2014]

Section 3 - Recent Developments in Feminism

Section 3 - Welfare and Inequality

Section 4 - Annual Political Reviews  2015-2019

Section 4 - Conservatives 1979-2020

Section 4 - Labour: 1979-2020

Section 4 - Liberal Democrats

Section 4 - The Financial Crisis

Section 4- British Government Institutions

Section 5 - USA Presidents from J. F. Kennedy to Barak Obama

Section 5 - The USA In the Vietnam War 1962 -1975 

Section 5 - Recent Presidential Elections

Section 5 - The US Supreme Court