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 The  WJEC Eduqas examination board has  provided  excellent new specifications from 2015 for AS Sociology and Advanced Level Sociology. There are separate Specifications  for Welsh and Non-Welsh centres. There are some variations in the organisation and content of these Specifications but in each case Politics may be studied as an optional topic in Year 2. Also as expected the course for Welsh Centres gives some considerable emphasis to aspects of Welsh Politics

To access the WJEC Eduqas Specification for Welsh Centres - Click Here

To access the WJEC eduqas Specification for Non-Welsh centres - Click Here

For resources provided by Eduqas for the WJEC courses - Click Here


I am very pleased to include a new link to resources kindly contributed  by Steve Bassett of the Sociology Department of Park College Eastbourne. You may now visit Steve's Park College Sociology Department You Tube Page for excellent materials on Political Sociology  These Politics resources were developed for the pre-2015 Sociology specification but with a little updating are still useful for the new current specification. - Click Here

For resources on Social Differentiation and Stratification which is a compulsory topic in Year 2 of both versions of the WJEC Eduqas Specification - Click Here



Part One: PowerPoint Presentations on Voting Behaviour



Voting Behaviour in the UK

Part A : Electoral Stability and Party Identification 1945-1970 - Click here to Download 

Part B: Models of Voting Behaviour - Click here to Download

Part C: Social Influences on Voting and Non-Voting - Click here to Download

Part D: Voting Behaviour: Some Further Information on the General Elections of 1992, 1997, 2001 and 2005 - Click here to Download

IPSOS MORI comprehensive coverage of the 2010 General Election - Click Here

Some More Recent Presentations

For Ipsos Mori data on How Britain Voted in 2015 This is the link - Click Here

For You Gov presentation: How Britain Voted in 2015 - Click here 

For You Gov presentation: How Britain Voted in 2017 - Click here 

For How Britain Voted in 2017 [Ipsos Mori] - Click here 

For Ipsos Mori presentation: How Britain voted 2017 - Click here  

For You Gov presentation: How Britain voted in 2019 - Click here  

For Ipsos Mori presentation:  How Britain Voted in 2019 - Click here 



Part Two: Teaching Notes



Political Parties and Pressure Groups

Pressure Groups - Click Here

Functions of Political Parties - Click Here



The Mass Media



Pluralist and Marxist Theories of the Mass Media: An Introduction - Click Here  March 2015



The State



Introducing the State, Power, Authority and Coercion - Click Here

Introductory Presentation on Theories of the State - Click Here  September 2012

Introducing Marxist Theories of the State [PowerPoint] -Click Here to Download   February 2012

Link to Prof. Frank Elwell's Presentation on C.W. Mills [Middle Section has good information on Power Elite Theory] - Click Here

Link to Prof. G. W. Domhoff's site: Who Rules America - Click Here  October 2012

Link to "Who Rules America?" [Seven Part US Documentary via You Tube] - Click Here  January 2013

The Rich in America [G. W. Domhoff video via You Tube] - Click Here  February 2013

For some recent information from Democratic Audit on trends in political affiliations of the British press - Click Here  December 2013

Political affiliations of the British Press:  June 2020
2015 - Click Here 
2017 - Click Here
2019 - Click Here



Voting Behaviour




Voting Behaviour [1]: Part A: Electoral Stability, Party Identification and Social Class 1945-1970  and (2) Part B: Non- Class Influences on Voting Behaviour 1945-2010 follow link at bottom of Part A: For Part A - Click Here 

Voting Behaviour [2]:  Part A:  Models of Voting Behaviour  and Part B: The General Elections of 1992 and 1997 - Click Here

Voting Behaviour [3]: The General Elections of 1997, 2001 and 2005: Some Comparisons - Click Here

The above document now includes  links to IPSOS MORI coverage of the 2010 General Election

The UK General Election of May 6th 2010 - Click Here   

The UK Economy : Background to the UK 2010 General Election - Click Here

 The UK General Election of May 7th 2015: Links - Click Here

The UK General Election of June 8th 2017: Links - Click Here


Part Three: Essays and Assignments


Assignment: Voting Behaviour and Social Class 1992 -2019 - Click Here

An Introductory Essay on Theories of Power - Click Here