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The Prime Minister and the Cabinet


Detailed article on Core Executive [From Democratic Audit 2017] - Click Here

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Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom  [From Radio4  - Click Here   March 24th 2019

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Tony Blair [Interviewed by Jeremy Paxman 2001] - Click Here

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The Cabinet [ with links to articles on “The Quad” and to a podcast on the Coalition] - Click Here

Independent article reporting suggestion of “training for Ministers” - Click Here    June 2013

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The Political Assassination of Margaret Thatcher [A clip from an Andrew  Marr Documentary posted on You Tube] - Click Here

The Downing Street Years [a detailed 4 Part BBC documentary {now posted on YouTube} on the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher] - Click Here

Margaret Thatcher; Death of a Revolutionary - Click Here

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The Blair Years - Click Here

Useful Resources on Tony Blair from Tutor2U - Click Here

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Andrew Rawnsley’s Three Part Assessment of the Premiership of Tony Blair [From The Guardian] - Click Here

Heroes or Villains? The Blair Government Reconsidered - Click Here    March 2019

Tony Blair and Parliament [From the BBC] - Click Here

For Steve Richard’s Radio 4 Series on the Premiership of Gordon Brown - Click Here

LSE Podcast  by Anthony Seldon on the Premiership of Gordon Brown - Click Here

Cameron Uncovered [Andrew Rawnsley’s Dispatches Documentary from 2010] - Click Here

Steve Richards’ 3 part Radio 4 series on the Cameron Years is an exceptional resource for students and teachers alike - Click Here

Cameron at 10 : Antony Seldon discusses his book - Click Here

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Brexit:  A  Love Story [Mark Mardell Radio 4 series: 22 episodes so far] - Click Here

Brexit : A very British Coup - Click Here

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BBC Coverage of long detailed House of Lords Debate on PM, Cabinet and related institutions - Click Here

Core Executive and British Presidency: A Note - Click Here

For links to information on all Government resignations/ dismissals since General Election 2017 - Click Here

Individual Ministerial Responsibility and Collective Cabinet Responsibility - Click Here   November 2018

Vince Cable and the Tories: Collective Cabinet Responsibility?  [From Huffington Post] - Click Here   March 2014

Gresham’s College Politics Lectures [containing a series on British Prime Ministers] - Click Here

You Tube coverage of Professor Anthony King and Sir Ivor Crewe discussing “The Blunders of Our Governments”. - Click Here

The Formation of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition [from the BBC] - Click Here

How Coalition Government Works { Video from The Constitution Unit of London University] - Click Here

The Coalition: Voters , Parties and Institutions  [Report on first year of Coalition :Institute for Government/University of East Anglia] - Click Here

The Cabinet Manual - Click Here

Page of Links on UK EU Referendum - Click Here

The Cabinet Manual [Article and video from UCL: scroll down a little way for the video] - Click Here

Mid -Term Report on the Coalition Government [Detailed Report from the Institute for Government] - Click Here

The Secret World of Whitehall  and The Great Offices of State - Click Here

Two 3 part BBC series via You Tube

Series of interviews with successive Cabinet Secretaries 1979 - Click Here   April 2014

The Conservative Party Leadership Election of 2016 - Click Here   January 2022

Theresa Versus Boris [Drama Documentary] - Click Here

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For The Brexit Effect from the Institute for Government. A detailed report on the implications of Brexit for the UK system of government - Click Here

For some Links on the UK European Parliament Election, the Peterborough By-election and the Conservative Party Leadership Election. This page will be updated regularly -Click Here

For a page of links on Boris Johnson as Prime Minister -Click Here  November 2020