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Pressure Groups and Political Parties


Analysing Pressure Groups  - Click Here

Democracy and Pressure Groups - Click Here

Factors affecting the Power of Pressure Groups - Click Here

Theories of Power - Essay - Click Here

Pressure Politics [Article by Wyn Grant] - Click Here


Political Parties

Political Parties: General

Functions of Political Parties - Click Here

Useful essay on the Post-War Consensus - Click Here

Overview of British Party Politics 1960s -2017 [Radio4  Archive on 4]  - Click Here   June 2017

For Going the way of the dodo? The decline of Britain’s main parties [BBC Radio 4 podcast : 28 minutes] - Click Here

Funding of Political Parties - Click Here

Membership of UK Political Parties [Parliament Research Briefing] - Click Here


Specific Political Parties

Series of lectures on British Political Parties   [Gresham College Lectures by Professor Vernon Bogdanor:] - Click Here     February 2018


The Labour Party

For a Page of many detailed links on The Labour Party – Click Here


The Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats [Professor Sir Vernon Bogdanor]-Click Here

Liberalism and the Liberal Democrats - Click Here

Nick Clegg: The Liberal who came to Power [2 Part Radio 4 series by Steve Richards] - Click Here

Lord Paddy Ashdown Obituary [From The Guardian] - Click Here


The Conservative Party

The New Right and Thatcherism – Click here

The Downing Street Years [a detailed 4 Part BBC documentary {now posted on YouTube} on the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher] - Click Here

For Thatcher: A Very British Revolution [5 part BBC 2 series beginning May 20th] - Click Here

Useful Resources on Margaret Thatcher from Tutor2U - Click Here

John Major 1990-97

For John Major [3 part series BBC] Click here

David Cameron 2010- 16

Vince Cable and the Tories: Collective Cabinet Responsibility?  [From Huffington Post] - Click Here   March 2014

The Formation of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition [from the BBC] - Click Here

How Coalition Government Works { Video from The Constitution Unit of London University] - Click Here

The Coalition: Voters , Parties and Institutions  [Report on first year of Coalition :Institute for Government/University of East Anglia] - Click Here

Page of links on David Cameron and Conservative Ideology - Click Here

Cameron Uncovered [Andrew Rawnsley’s Dispatches Documentary from 2010] - Click Here

Steve Richards’ 3 part Radio 4 series on the Cameron Years is an exceptional resource for students and teachers alike - Click Here

Cameron at 10 : Antony Seldon discusses his book - Click Here


Theresa May 2016- 2019

The Conservative Party Leadership Election of 2016 - Click Here

Theresa Versus Boris [Drama Documentary] - Click Here

Steve Richards’  3 part Radio 4 Series; The Brexit Prime Minister - Click Here

Page of Links on Theresa May and The Conservative Party - Click Here

For Theresa May’s last big speech as PM Click Here

For comparison of the administrations of John Major and Theresa May - Click Here

For Article 50 : Two Years On Click Here

For  Theresa May  Click here  and here  anhere

 Boris Johnson 2016-19

For a page of links on Boris Johnson as Prime Minister Part One -Click Here  November 2020

For a page of links on Boris Johnson as Prime Minister Part Two -Click Here  September 2022

For a page of links on Boris Johnson on Ukraine -Click Here  September 2022


 Elizabeth Truss

For a page of links on Elizabeth Truss as Prime Minister - Click Here  October 2022


Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister - Click Here  December 2022 to February 2024

Click here  For BBC Three Part Series: State of Chaos [ Laura Kuenssberg]

Click here and here for BBC items related to the above series.

Click Here for Ukip, Brexit Party and Reform UK.


Page of Links on UK EU Referendum - Click Here

Brexit:  A  Love Story [Mark Mardell Radio 4 series: 22 episodes so far] - Click Here

Brexit : A very British Coup - Click Here


The Independent Group- Change UK and Further developments 


The Independent Group- Change UK and Further developments - Click Here   June 14th 2019


Annual Political Reviews { Various Sources]

The Conservatives in 2011 [From the BBC] - Click Here

The Liberal Democrats in 2011 [From the BBC] - Click Here

The Labour Party in 2011 [From the BBC] - Click Here

BBC reviews of the year for Conservative party  October 2nd  2013 - Click Here

BBC reviews of the year for Labour party  October 2nd  2013 - Click Here

BBC reviews of the year for Liberal Democrat party  October 2nd  2013 - Click Here

BBC Political Review of 2014  Click Here

BBC Political Review of the Year 2015 - Click Here

BBC Political Review of the Year 2016 - Click Here

BBC Political Review of 2017 - Click Here

BBC Political Highlights of 2018  - Click here

What Happened in UK Politics 2019  -Click here

BBC Review 2020 The Year in Politics - click here

BBC Review 2021 The Year in Politics - Click here   

BBC Review 2022 The Year in Politics  -   Click here  and Click here

Political Review of   2023 Click here

Sky News Year in Review  2023  Click here


Additions to top of this page on party funding

Click here for Rules for funding for political Parties [IfG January 2024]

Click here for Reported Donations [ The Electoral Commission March 2023]

Click here for Money and Politic; analysing donations to UK  parties 2000- 2021

Click here for Pandora Papers: Donations to Political Parties [BBC October 2021]

Click here for The Guardian Page on Party Funding [Many1700+ articles]

Click here for The Financial Times on Party Funding [Many articles]

Click here for General Election 2019 : Which Party received the most donations?

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