ALYR1-Democracy and Participation

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Teaching Notes and Links



The State : Power, Authority and Coercion -Click Here

The Nature of Democracy - Click Here   March 2019

Citizen Participation in Representative Democracies - Click Here

For Political disengagement in the UK: who is disengaged? - Click Here   June 2022

Taking Liberties [Film] - Click Here

Social Background of MPs 1979-2017. {House of Commons Library Research Briefing] - Click Here

Political Participation : Turnout in the 2010 General Election [From OpenLearn] - Click Here

Political Disengagement in Britain  - Click Here   August 2017

Detailed Guardian Poll on Reasons for not voting  - Click Here   December 2013

The Occupy Movement [External links] - Click Here

Pluralist and Marxist Theories of the Mass Media: An Introduction - Click Here   March 2015

New Link : Democratic Audit 2017 Audit of Democracy - Click Here

For BBC Radio 4 Series: Rethinking Representation: David Runciman [ Begins Friday May 31st 11.30am] - Click Here

For Talking Politics : weekly podcast organised by Professor David Runciman  also contains several episodes on USA Politics - Click Here

The Briefing Room [Radio 4 Series investigating political and social questions.] - Click Here

Ms C. K. McCombe has recently collated a very useful list of articles and audio/video resources for Advanced Level Government and Politics students, to access these - Click Here

For The UK’s Changing Democracy : Democratic Audit 2018 - Click Here

For lecture by Professor Matthew Goodwin on National Populism :The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy - Click Here