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Here are some of the Sociology sites which I use on my own site. Please inform me of others which might be added to the list. I have also added some links to Twitter accounts and useful Facebook groups and, most recently , some links to Google drive collections


John T. Pullinger’s Sociology Presentations

Research Methods. Theory and Methodology, Social Stratification. Sociology of Education, Power and Politics, Sociology of Religion, the Media and Introduction to Sociology and much more and so I hope that you will revisit this page in the future to see new Presentations.

Meanwhile further information on all topics can be found in my Sociology textbook:  Sociology: An Introduction and Beyond by John T. Pullinger

The text was recommended by Laser Learning Awards in their 2020 Newsletter It is published by Cambridge Academic and the Publisher’s review can be found here.

For my Twitter account click John T. Pullinger


Here is  a very useful revision guide on Culture and Identity from Steve Chapman - Click Here to Download


Esher College YouTube Podcasts

Key Concepts, Beliefs in Society, Theory and Methods, Families and Households, Education, Crime and Deviance  Twitter@EsherSociology




Park College Sociology You Tube Page

Sociological Perspectives and Methods, Mass Media , World Development and Power and Politics. Additional podcasts [10 so far] are gradually being added on Social Differentiation and Stratification [Podcasts] Twitter@parksociology




Chris Livesey’s SHORTCUTSTV Site

“The Sociology section of the site features a range of films (in both DVD and On-Demand formats) to enhance teaching and learning.”  Via the Search facility on the Site Blog   you may also access many useful revision resources on General Revision,  Beliefs in Society, Theory and Methods, Mass Media, Crime and Deviance, Crime and Deviance PowerPoints, Education, Education PowerPoints , Culture and Identity , Families and Households and Family PowerPoints




Revise Sociology

Families and Households, Education, Theory and Methods, Crime and Deviance, Globalisation and Global Development, Examination Support Twitter@Realsociology




The Precooked Sociology Page

Families and Households, Beliefs in Society, Crime and Deviance , Theory and Methods [Podcasts] Also new Education podcasts are coming soon. Twitter@precookedsociology




Twitter Accounts geared to  AS and Advanced Level Sociology Units [Organised by Ken Browne]

Culture and Identity: #SOCCUID   

Understanding Social Inequality: #SOCUSI

 Education: #SOCED 

 Families and Households: #SOCFAM  

Work, Poverty and Welfare: #SOCWPW  

Health: #SOCHTH

Globalisation and the Digital World: #SOCGDW

 Crime and Deviance: #SOCCD 

  Global Development: #SOCGD

Social Differentiation and Stratification: #SOCSD 

 Mass Media: #SOCM 

 Beliefs in Society: #SOCBiS   

Theory and Methods: #SOCTM




Kate Flatley's The TEACHERSOCIOLOGY You Tube channel 

Very useful advice on answering A Level Sociology examination questions. Twitter@KateFlatley




The Sociology Show

Interviews with eminent sociologists conducted by Matthew Wilkin Twitter @SociologyThe




The Sociology Guy: YouTube Channel 

Podcasts on Families and Households, Sociology of Development, Education, Methods in Context and Crime and Deviance [including Crime and the Media]Twitter@The SociologyGuy



Tutor2u Podcasts by Mr Craig Gelling

Podcasts on Families and Households, Education, Crime and Deviance, Beliefs in Society, Theories and Methods, Families and Households. Work Poverty Welfare, Culture and Identity, Global Development, Stratification and Differentiation




Padlet of Sociology Resources from shs_sociology 

Truly encyclopedic padlet of resources on Families and Households, Education, Crime and Deviance, Beliefs and Theory and Methods


Visit The Hectic Teacher's Site

Theory and Methods, Education, Family and Households, Crime and Deviance, Beliefs in Society Twitter@hecticteacher




Sociology Exchange 


Very large number of presentations on all aspects of Sociology



Haleema Begum 

Power points of Education and Families and Households




Visit Ms A. Sugden's You Tube Channel

Crime and Deviance, Sociological Methods and Education [Podcasts]




Introduction to Sociology YouTube Channel : Professor Robert Van Krieken

Hundreds of You Tube Clips on all aspects of Sociology




University of Amsterdam You Tube page  

Course of short lectures on Classical Sociological Theory: Comte, Marx, Durkheim,  Weber and others




A Level Sociology Wikia.

A new developing site which already has lots of resources on all aspects of Sociology. Worth revisiting




Teach Sociology [Chris Deakin's site]

All Aspects of Sociology. Twitter@SociologyHeaven




Visit Stephen Joel's You Tube Channel

Families and Households, Education and Crime and Deviance [Podcasts]Twitter@stephenjoel




Visit Stephen Hickman's website

Education, Family, Crime and Deviance and Psychology.   [Power Points] Twitter@stevehickman75




Large collection of Sociology flashcards from www.proprofs.com



Social Science Bites 

Series of podcasts including items on immigration,   meritocracy and class, education and inequality, Emile Durkheim, C W Mills and more




Visit the A Level Sociology Section of  S-Cool

All aspects of Sociology



Discover Sociology: The British Sociological Association Site

All aspects of Sociology: articles and Podcasts



AQA AS and A2 Sociology Revision Site

Wealth, Welfare Poverty, Education with Methods in Context, Global Development,  Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods,



Visit the Get Revising Site

All aspects of Sociology




Visit the National Grid for Learning [Wales] Sociology Site

All aspects of Sociology



Mr Adam Walton's You Tube Channel  

Beliefs in Society



Social Scientist You Tube Channel

Mainly Theory and Methods but also Education and Crime and Deviance .[Podcasts]





MrClinePsy YouTube Channel

Crime and Deviance [and some Psychology] [Podcasts]




Visit Twynham School Sociology Site 

Families and Households, Culture and Identity, Education, Mass media, Crime and Deviance, Work, Poverty and Welfare, Theory and Methods. [Podcasts and PowerPoints]Twitter@twynhamsociology




Visit Advanced Level Sociology student Isabelle Bradshaw's YouTube Channel

Crime and Deviance, Theory and Methods and Global Development. [Podcasts]



Visit Education Forum  [Andy Walker's Site]

Education, Family, Culture and Identity, Methods, Religion, Crime and Deviance, Stratification /Differentiation [Power Points]



Bally Kaur Lail's Sociology Padlets

All aspects of Sociology Twitter@KaurSociology

The Chase School Sociology Blog

Resources on the Sociology of the Mass Media : teaching notes, video materials and links to important studies.  twitter@chasepsychsocio



Global Development and World Sociology: Earlham Sociology Pages 

This  new page on my site is under construction. It currently contains  links to a range of resources on Global Development/World Sociology including links to companion websites for undergraduate texts




Website to accompany Sociology [8th edition] by A. Giddens and P. Sutton  

Useful information on all aspects of Sociology



Crash Course Sociology

45 short podcasts from the USA. Give it a try!



Meridian Sociology [SOCINSKISMASH]

Full Range of GCSE Sociology Topics [Podcasts]



Mr Andoscia's You Tube Channel   

Sociology and Sociological Perspectives



Glenda Clarke's You tube channel  

Sociological Methods, Mass Media, Sociology of Religion



BurnleyCollegeSociology GoogleDrive Year2

Crime and Deviance, Theory and Methods, Beliefs in Society, Revision Twitter@BurnleyCollegeSociology



St Cuthbert Mayne School Sociology Site   

Resources for Socialisation and Culture, Youth Culture, Education, Research Methods, Crime and Deviance, Social Inequality [Eduqas WJEC Specification]



Sociology A Level for OCR Specification 

Resources for OCR Specification but also overlapping with other Specifications



AQA A Level Sociology Teachers  

Resources for AQA Specification but also overlapping with other Specifications




Sociology Teachers

Resources for all Specifications



Introducing Sociology: Dr Christian Vaccaro  Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Nature of Sociology, Sociological perspectives, Culture, Social stratification, Deviance [Podcasts]  Twitter@DrCVaccaro