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The Underclass



A short selection of links on the theory of the underclass – Click Here    February 2015

“The Riots of the Underclass? [ Very useful academic paper by Imogen Tyler for Socresonline ] – Click Here   December 2013

 “Cultures of Worklessness ?” [ Report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation:  useful for consideration of the Underclass Debate] – Click Here



The Precariat



The Precariat: the new, dangerous class  [Video Lecture by Professor Guy Standing ] – Click Here   June 2015

The Precariat; A bogus concept?  by Jan Breman – Click Here

Article by Guy Standing : response to Jan Breman on the Precariat – Click Here

Is the precariat a class? by E.O. Wright – Click Here

The Precariat [Thinking Allowed with Laurie Taylor, Prof Guy Standing and Dr Lisa McKenzie ] – Click Here    June 2015

The Precariat [ Graham Scambler discussion of the work of Guy Standing] – Click Here    August 2014

The Precariat [Click below for Guardian articles by Guy Standing and John Harris ]     August 2014

Click Here     Click Here    Click Here



The Spirit Level



Video Presentation of Spirit Level data by Richard Wilkinson [About 15 minutes] – Click Here

Guardian Review of “The Spirit Level ” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett – Click Here

The Equality Trust [Follow links for PowerPoint on  “The Spirit Level”, a critique from Peter Saunders and a defence from the authors] – Click Here

BBC Radio 4 Analysis Discussion of the Spirit Level  [30 minutes] – Click Here

Beyond the Spirit Level [Video Lecture by Professor Kate Pickett ] – Click Here   June 2015