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 Conservatism : Teaching Notes

Main Elements of Traditional British Conservatism   {This document will be extended in the future] - Click Here

Conservatism and Equality - Click Here

Conservatism, Ideology, Economic Inequality and Poverty [NEW  more detailed document added November 2017] - Click Here

Essay: Is Conservatism a Ruling Class Ideology - Click Here

Essay: Conservatism, Individualism and the Community - Click Here

The New Right and Thatcherism- Click Here 

Conservatism   1990-2008…..with a few more recent links - Click Here


Conservatism Links


British Conservatism : The Grand Tour [New Radio 4 Series presented by Anne McElvoy]  September 2013 - Click Here

Conservative Home: The Home of Conservatism - Click Here 

Ideology as Commonsense : the Case of British Conservatism  [by Robert Eccleshall] - Click Here

Recent Guardian article from Roger Scruton on Conservatism [Added September 2014] - Click Here

A Review by Professor Jules Gehrke of British Conservatism : The Politics and Philosophy of Inequality by Professor Peter Dorey   July 2012 - Click Here

Adam Smith - Click Here

The History Guide on Edmund Burke and the French Revolution - Click Here

In Our Time : Edmund Burke - Click Here

Independent Article on the Contemporary Relevance of Edmund Burke - Click Here

A New Statesman Review by John Gray of Jesse Norman’s recent biography of Edmund Burke July 2013 - Click Here

Reflections on the Revolution in France : Edmund Burke  [A study guide] - Click Here

Edmund Burke [Jesse Norman Lecture] - Click Here

Edmund Burke, Michael Oakeshott and Conservatism [Jesse Norman lecture] - Click Here

Edmund Burke [Yale University Lecture] - Click Here

Useful item on Edmund Burke - Click Here

England and the French Revolution [Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin and more] - Click Here

For an overview of Conservative history and ideology- Click Here

For Benjamin Disraeli and One Nation Politics  October 2012 - Click Here

For Ed Miliband and One Nation Politics  October 2012 - Click Here

Information on the British Empire - Click Here

Harold Macmillan [Lord Stockton]: An Obituary [Published in the Guardian] - Click Here

 Sir Edward Heath: An Obituary by Francis Boyd and Norman Shrapnel [Published in the Guardian] - Click Here

Thatcherism and the End of the Post-War Consensus [Article for the BBC by Professor Dennis Kavanagh]  - Click Here

The Political Assassination of Margaret Thatcher [A clip from an Andrew  Marr Documentary posted on You Tube] - Click Here

The End of Margaret Thatcher [a docu-drama posted on YouTube] - Click Here

The Downing Street Years [a detailed 4 Part BBC documentary now posted on YouTube on the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher] - Click Here

Very useful links on Ayn Rand added December 2018 and June 2019, for a podcast interview [45 mins]  from 1979   Click here

For very useful items from the Guardian Ayn Rand Page covering the current political relevance of Ayn Rand _ Click Here

For an article by Professor Lisa Duggan - Click Here

John Major: An Unsuccessful Prime Minister?  {book review] - Click Here

Link to French Magazine Articles on John Major [Several in English!] - Click Here

The Conservative Party Under David Cameron: A Separate Page of Links  - Click Here

Conservative Scepticism 2012 [Nassim Nicholas Taleb and the Black Swan from the BBC]  - Click Here

Radio 4 Analysis on Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Click Here

Steve Richards’ 3 part Radio 4 series on the Cameron Years is an exceptional resource for students and teachers alike - Click Here

The Crisis of Conservatism [New Statesman article by Nick Timothy] - Click Here

Implications of UKIP for Ideological Positioning of Cameron’s Conservative Party- Click Here 

The Conservative Party Leadership [Ongoing Guardian coverage] July 2016 - Click Here

Theresa May and The Conservative Party NEW December 2016 - Click Here

Will Brexit break the Conservatives? {Prospect July 2018] - Click Here