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 Conservatism : Teaching Notes

Main Elements of Traditional British Conservatism   {This document will be extended in the future] - Click Here

Conservatism and Equality - Click Here

Conservatism, Ideology, Economic Inequality and Poverty [NEW  more detailed document added November 2017] - Click Here

Essay: Is Conservatism a Ruling Class Ideology - Click Here

Essay: Conservatism, Individualism and the Community - Click Here

The New Right and Thatcherism- Click Here 

Conservatism   1990-2008…..with a few more recent links - Click Here


Conservatism Links


British Conservatism : The Grand Tour [New Radio 4 Series presented by Anne McElvoy]  September 2013 - Click Here

Conservative Home: The Home of Conservatism - Click Here 

Ideology as Commonsense : the Case of British Conservatism  [by Robert Eccleshall] - Click Here

Recent Guardian article from Roger Scruton on Conservatism [Added September 2014] - Click Here

A Review by Professor Jules Gehrke of British Conservatism : The Politics and Philosophy of Inequality by Professor Peter Dorey   July 2012 - Click Here

Adam Smith - Click Here

In Our Time : Edmund Burke - Click Here

Independent Article on the Contemporary Relevance of Edmund Burke - Click Here

A New Statesman Review by John Gray of Jesse Norman’s recent biography of Edmund Burke July 2013 - Click Here

Reflections on the Revolution in France : Edmund Burke  [A study guide] - Click Here

Edmund Burke [Jesse Norman Lecture] - Click Here

Edmund Burke, Michael Oakeshott and Conservatism [Jesse Norman lecture] - Click Here

Edmund Burke [Yale University Lecture] - Click Here

For items on Edmund Burke and The French Revolution Click here and here

For Mary Wollstonecraft Click here

For William Godwin  Click here

For an overview of Conservative history and ideology- Click Here

For Benjamin Disraeli and One Nation Politics  October 2012 - Click Here

For Ed Miliband and One Nation Politics  October 2012 - Click Here

Information on the British Empire - Click Here

Harold Macmillan [Lord Stockton]: An Obituary [Published in the Guardian] - Click Here

 Sir Edward Heath: An Obituary by Francis Boyd and Norman Shrapnel [Published in the Guardian] - Click Here

Thatcherism and the End of the Post-War Consensus [Article for the BBC by Professor Dennis Kavanagh]  - Click Here

The Political Assassination of Margaret Thatcher [A clip from an Andrew  Marr Documentary posted on You Tube] - Click Here

The End of Margaret Thatcher [a docu-drama posted on YouTube] - Click Here

The Downing Street Years [a detailed 4 Part BBC documentary now posted on YouTube on the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher] - Click Here

Very useful links on Ayn Rand added December 2018 and June 2019, for a podcast interview [45 mins]  from 1979   Click here

For very useful items from the Guardian Ayn Rand Page covering the current political relevance of Ayn Rand _ Click Here

For an article by Professor Lisa Duggan - Click Here

John Major: An Unsuccessful Prime Minister?  {book review] - Click Here

Link to French Magazine Articles on John Major [Several in English!] - Click Here

The Conservative Party Under David Cameron: A Separate Page of Links  - Click Here

Conservative Scepticism 2012 [Nassim Nicholas Taleb and the Black Swan from the BBC]  - Click Here

Radio 4 Analysis on Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Click Here

Steve Richards’ 3 part Radio 4 series on the Cameron Years is an exceptional resource for students and teachers alike - Click Here

The Crisis of Conservatism [New Statesman article by Nick Timothy] - Click Here

Implications of UKIP for Ideological Positioning of Cameron’s Conservative Party- Click Here 

The Conservative Party Leadership [Ongoing Guardian coverage] July 2016 - Click Here

Theresa May and The Conservative Party NEW December 2016 - Click Here

Will Brexit break the Conservatives? {Prospect July 2018] - Click Here

New links added March 2023

Click here for What’s a Tory?  [BBC Radio 4]

Click here for Conservative Party factions

Click here for BBC Radio 4 programme on the 1922 Committee

Click here for Michael Oakeshott’s Conservative Disposition

Click here for the nature of conservatism

Click here for a recent article The “New Right and its legacy for British Conservatism

Click here for New Right

Click here and here and here for items on Neoliberalism

Click here and here and here for items on Ayn Rand

Click here and here and here for items on Neoliberalism

Click here for the Decade the rich won

Click here for the New Right and its legacy for British Conservatism

Click here for Conservative Party Statecraft and the Johnson Government [ Richard Hayton in The Political Quarterly]

Click here for The Politics of Levelling Up [ Will Jennings, Lawrence McKay and Gerry Stoker in The Political Quarterly]

Click here  for The Ambiguous Ideology of Levelling Up [Jack Newman in The Political Quarterly]

Click here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here for Conservatives and Levelling Up

Click here for Duncan Walden A Walk on The Supply Side