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AS Level Sociology and  Advanced  Level Sociology  : The Sociology of Education



For the new AQA AS and Advanced Level Sociology Specifications with planning, teaching and assessment resources - Click Here

For the new OCR AS and Advanced Level Sociology Specifications with planning, teaching and assessment resources - Click Here


The WJEC Eduqas examination board  has  provided separate Specifications  for Welsh and Non-Welsh centres organisation

To access the WJEC Eduqas Specification for Welsh Centres - Click Here

To access the WJEC eduqas Specification for Non-Welsh centres - Click Here

For resources provided by Eduqas for the WJEC courses - Click Here

Please note that although my documents on the Sociology of Education certainly do take account of different theoretical approaches and research methods I do not  currently provide any information specifically on individual research Methods related to Education but students can consult their textbooks and other Sociology websites for this information.

For Play list of Park Sociology Podcasts on Sociological Methods - Click Here

For a series of detailed video lectures on Social Research Methods and Design by Graham R. Gibbs  of the University of Huddersfield - Click Here    September 2014 




Part One: PowerPoint Presentations 



Functions of Formal Education Systems- Click Here To Download

Tripartite and Comprehensive Secondary Education - Click Here To Download

Thatcherism and Education Policy - Click Here To Download

Social Class and Educational Achievement  - Click Here To Download   September 2020

"Race", Ethnicity and Educational Achievement - Click Here To Download   March 2023

Gender Differences in Educational Achievement March 2017 - Click Here To Download  September 2020

Coalition Education Policies -Click Here To Download    March 2016