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Social Inequalities, Social Differentiation and Stratification



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 Social Inequality issues are also relevant to several of the topics covered in the second year of the Advanced level course.


Please note that although my documents on  Stratification and Differentiation and Social Inequalities certainly do take account of different theoretical approaches and I do provide some information on the measurement of patterns of inequality  I do not  currently provide any information specifically on individual Research Methods related to Social Inequality issues but students can consult their textbooks and other Sociology websites for this information.



Part One: Teaching Notes


Social Class, Wealth and Income: an Introduction  - Click Here

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Marxist Theory and Capitalist Class Structures - Click Here

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Max Weber and Social Stratification Section One and Section Two

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Conservative Governments and Economic Inequality 1979-1997  - Click Here

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Coalition Government and Income Inequality  - Click Here    September 2014

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Long Term and Short Term Trends in Income Inequality and Poverty 1961/62- 2021/22  Click here  December 2023

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