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The first five documents are designed to provided a basic introduction to the analysis of Fascism


The Study of Fascism  XX - Click Here

Fascism: Introduction  XX - Click Here

The Nature of Fascism  XX - Click Here

Nature of Fascism2  XX - Click Here

Nature of Fascism 3  XXClick Here


 The following eleven documents are rather more detailed


Introducing Fascism - Click Here

Fascism and Irrationalism - Click Here

The Origins of Fascist Ideology: 1 - Click Here

The Origins of Fascist Ideology: 2 - Click Here

Fascism and Elite Theories: Summary - Click Here

Fascism : Struggle and Totalitarianism - Click Here

Germany: Nationalism, Socialism  and Nazism - Click Here

Fascism 4: Nazism, Racism and Anti-Semitism - Click Here

Italy: Italian Fascism, Nationalism  and Socialism - Click Here

Italian Fascism and German Nazism - Click Here

Fascism and Conservatism - Click Here


Fascism Links


The following section contains historical background information from  a range of external sites.

History of Italian Fascism - Click Here

A PowerPoint on Italian Fascism - Click Here 

Very useful PowerPoint on History of Nazism by Neil Charles Gardner - Click Here

   The Age of Dictatorship : Europe 1918-1939 [  Gresham’s  College/Past European History Lectures] - Click Here

The Seeds of Evil - Click Here

History of Nazism Click Here

For a range of articles on German History from the History Today Magazine-Click Here

A View of the Holocaust [BBC] - Click Here

The BNP [BBC] - Click Here

The Guardian on Far Right Politics in the UK - Click Here

The Guardian: John Tyndall Obituary - Click Here

The Political Economy of 

Italian Fascism; between Ideology and Spectacle   May 2012 - Click Here

What is Fascism? [Article in International Socialism by Jim Wolfreys ]  May 2012 - Click Here

Fascism [A new Journal of Fascist Studies] September 2012 - Click Here

Fascism and Neo-Fascism Researchers Study Group [Linked in] September  2012 - Click Here

World War Two and Nazi Genocide [from the BBC] November 2012 - Click Here

Part One of  documentary on Hitler [YouTube from National Geographic] December 2012 - Click Here

 Part Two of  documentary on Hitler [YouTube from National Geographic] December 2012 - Click Here

Part One of drama on Hitler [You Tube] December 2012 - Click Here

Part Two of drama on Hitler [You Tube] December 2012 - Click Here

Fascism and Ideology [Wikipedia] January 2013 - Click Here