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Useful Sites for Advanced Level Sociology Theory and Methods



This section is very much a work in progress and I hope to add further links during the course of the year.

The first fifteen of these links are to general sites on Theory and Methods . Some of the subsequent links are to sometimes more difficult sources which might provide useful points of clarification on the work of some of important theorists who are mentioned in introductory Sociology texts.






For podcasts on Sociological Theory from Esher Sociology - Click Here

Visit Steve Bassett’s You Tube Channel: Theory, Methods and much more - Click Here

Visit the Precooked Sociology Page  Some podcasts on Theory and Methods - Click Here

Mr Steven Humphrys has recently uploaded resources on Theory and Methods to the TES site. There were originally written for older AQA Sociology specifications but they are nevertheless very useful. Click Here and Here for Theory and Methods respectively.

Visit the Introduction to Sociology YouTube Channel : Professor Robert Van Krieken : Sociological Theory and much more - Click Here

Visit The Sociology Teacher [Kate Flatley’s You tube site] which has useful advice on Sociological Methods in Context and much more - Click Here

For a useful presentation on Marx, Weber, Durkheim - Click Here

For lectures on Marx, Durkheim and Weber - Click Here

Chris Livesey’s collation of resources on Theory and Methods:  Theory and Methods - Click Here   October 2022

Visit Alexandra Sugden’s  YouTube Channel for podcasts on Crime and Deviance  [and Sociological Theories, Research Methods and Education] ClickHere 

Visit The Social Scientist’s YouTube Channel on Theory and Methods - Click Here

For a series of detailed lectures on Sociological Theory by Kurt Borchard  [There are also some lectures on Crime and Deviance] - Click Here

Visit MattyP’s SlideShare  notes on Objectivity and Values - Click Here

Visit Dan Krier’s You Tube Channel on Sociological Theory - Click Here

Visit the University of Amsterdam You Tube Channel  Short lectures on Comte, Marx, Weber, Durkheim and others - Click Here

Visit this  Revision site for a complete set of Revision Notes on Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods [AQA Syllabus] - Click Here

Visit the Sociological Theory section of Karl Thompson’s Revise Sociology site - Click Here

Visit Graham R. Gibb’s series of lectures on Social Research Methods and Design.

Mr Steven Humphrys has recently uploaded resources on Theory and Methods to the TES site. There were originally written for older AQA Sociology specifications but they are nevertheless very useful. Click Here 

And Here for Theory and Methods respectively.

Ms Sarah Best has recently uploaded some very useful resources on Families and Households, Beliefs and Society and Sociological Theory to the “Drop Box” on the AQA A Level Sociology Teachers page - Click Here

For a detailed article on Values in Sociology by Martyn Hammersley - Click Here

For a Sociology Lecture Course - Click Here

by Ann Swiddler from Berkeley University. These lectures are quite detailed and may be more useful for teachers and for students in the second year of their Advanced Level Sociology course . In my view they are exceptional. Unfortunately no longer available.

For Dave Harris site - Click Here


Marx, Marxism and Neo-Marxism

My Notes on Marxism …with further links - Click Here

Gramsci and Neo-Marxism: An Introduction - Click Here  October 2017

Why Marx was Right[ Terry Eagleton discusses his book] - Click Here   March 2014

For Professor Bob Jessop’s audio lecture series [with slides] on Antonio Gramsci - Click Here   May 2014

For  two  Guardian series of articles by Peter Thompson  on Marxism and on The Frankfurt School - Click Here   April 2014



Modernity and Postmodernity



For useful introductory lecture by Myles Riley on Modernity and Postmodernity - Click Here

For Postmodernism for beginners ]Chris Deakin via SlideShare - Click Here

For a series of podcasts on The Modern and the Postmodern by Jasson Cordones - Click Here

The following links to two series of lectures by Professor Rick Roderick include lectures on Nietzsche, Foucault ,Derrida ,and Baudrillard which, although not easy , provide useful information on Postmodernism.

Philosophy Lectures from Professor Rick Roderick [R.I.P] - Click Here   December 2014

The Self Under Siege: Philosophy in the C20th  [Also from Professor Roderick] - Click Here   December 2014

Human: All Too Human: Friedrich Nietzsche ; Martin Heidegger; Jean Paul Sartre [3 part video series]   February 2014



Michel Foucault



Lecture on  Michel Foucault - Click Here

Introduction to Foucault [Mark Thorsby] - Click Here

Foucault: Discipline and Punish - Click Here

Foucault and Governmentality - Click Here

Michel Foucault: Beyond Good and Evil - Click Here

Laurie Taylor: Thinking Allowed on Michel Foucault - Click Here



Jacques Derrida



Jacques Derrida [Guardian Obituary] - Click Here




Jean Baudrillard



Jean Baudrillard [Guardian Obituary] - Click Here




Fredric Jameson

Fredric Jameson - Click Here



David Harvey



David Harvey’s Animation on Crises of Capitalism - Click Here

David Harvey in discussion on “Hard Talk” - Click Here

David Harvey LSE Lecture : The 17 Contradictions of Capitalism - Click Here   May 2014

The Contradictions of Capitalism : A Shorter Version - Click Here

David Harvey RSA Lecture  [Shorter version] - Click Here

Laurie Taylor: Thinking Allowed on Neoliberalism  OneTwo

Laurie Taylor : Thinking Allowed on Capitalism with Ha-Joon Chang and David Harvey - Click Here



Ulrich Beck: Risk Society



For two short items on Risk Society [Professor Brian Wynne] - Click Here and Here

For 2006 lecture by Ulrich Beck: Living in a world risk society - Click Here

For a lecture by Ulrich Beck on World Risk Society - Click Here

For a slideshare presentation on Risk Society - Click Here



Anthony Giddens



Anthony Giddens: Living in a high opportunity, high risk society - Click Here

Anthony Giddens; Living in the C21st - Click Here



Zygmunt Bauman



Zygmunt Bauman - Click Here

Zygmunt Bauman [Guardian 2003] - Click Here

Zygmunt Bauman [Guardian Review of Liquid Love 2003] - Click Here

Interview with Zygmunt Bauman: Liquid Modernity and Related Matters - Click Here

Summary of Liquid Modernity Chapters 1-4 by Karl Thompson - Click Here

Interview with Zygmunt Bauman - Click Here

Zygmunt Bauman [Guardian obituary] - Click Here