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Elections, Electoral Systems and Voting Behaviour


Representative Democracy and Elections - Click Here

Referendums [ revised with new links to analysis of the EU Referendum] - Click Here

Referendums in the UK [ Report from House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution} Long, detailed but useful to dip into - Click Here

Radio 4 3 part series on Opinion polls - Click Here

Another programme on the history of opinion polls - Click Here

Steve Richards’ YouTube Channel. Unscripted talks on 30-40 years of UK Politics - Click Here

 Links to recent Electoral Reform Society Publication - Click Here 

BBC item on First Past the Post - Click Here

Voting Systems in the UK [House of Commons Library Briefing] - Click Here NEW October 2017

Brief Guardian Explanation of Alternative Electoral Systems - Click Here

*Link to Electoral Reform Society Publications* - Click Here

Electoral Reform Society Analysis of UK General Election 2017 - Click Here

Link to BBC on Proposed Alternative Vote Referendum - Click Here

*Link to BBC on N. Ireland Elections* - Click Here

*Link to BBC on London Mayor Elections* - Click Here

David Boothroyd ‘s You Tube Site: massive political archive covering especially thee 1997 and 2001 General Elections ..but much more - Click Here

Voting Behaviour in the UK - In 2 Parts  Updated October 2018 for First Part - Click Here

Models of Voting Behaviour and General Elections of 1992 and 1997 General Elections - Click Here 

The General Elections of 1997, 2001 and 2005 : Some Comparisons You uploaded this to EDuqas Politics - Click Here

The UK General  Election of 2010  - Click Here  

The UK General Election of 2015:  Useful Links  - Click Here

The UK General Election of 2017: Useful Links  - Click Here   June 2017

Labour and the 2017 General Election [Guardian Long Read - Click Here  September 2017

Current poll ratings for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn  - Click Here   September 2018

For the election analysis website which has short, accessible articles on the UK General Elections of 2015 and 2017, the UK EU referendum and the 2016 USA Presidential Election - Click Here    February 2018

For detailed interview with Sir John Curtice - Click Here

For Ipsos Mori data on How Britain Voted in 2015 This is the link - Click Here

For You Gov presentation: How Britain Voted in 2015 - Click here 

For You Gov presentation: How Britain Voted in 2017 - Click here 

For How Britain Voted in 2017 [Ipsos Mori] - Click here 

For Ipsos Mori presentation: How Britain voted 2017 - Click here  

For You Gov presentation: How Britain voted in 2019 - Click here  

For Ipsos Mori presentation:  How Britain Voted in 2019 - Click here 

Assignment: Voting Behaviour and Social Class 1992 -2019 - Click Here