Conservative Party Leadership

The Conservative Party Leadership Election 2019 , Peterborough By-Election and UK European Parliament Election


The Guardian: Conservative Party Leadership Election

The BBC: Conservative Party Leadership Election

ITV current coverage of the Conservative Party and click for earlier pages to find information on the Conservative Leadership Election of 2019 - Click here 

BBC Panorama : The Race for Number 10

Conservative Party Leadership Elections  [House of Commons Research Briefing]

The Results : All 5 Rounds *****

The following chronology also includes several reports from Channel 4

Rule Change

James Cleverly  [Withdraws candidacy]

Kit Malthouse   [Withdraws candidacy]

Where do things stand?

Coverage June 6th---

Where do the Conservative Party leadership candidates stand on Brexit?

Esther McVey

Dominic Raab

How Boris 2.0 was born

Matt Hancock

Andrea Leadsom

Dominic Raab

Sajid Javid

Rory Stewart

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt

Boris Johnson

Michael Gove

Sam Gyimah

Boris Johnson

Amber Rudd on Boris Johnson

10 out of 11 MPs reach first ballot    [Sam Gyimah withdraws candidacy]

Summary clips of all candidate launches. [About 3 minutes per launch from BBC ]

Candidates launch campaigns [18 minutes from Channel 4]

Mark Harper

Who will be the next Prime Minister?   [Current estimates of MPs' support and betting odds]

Further analysis [including further parliamentary plans to block no deal Brexit] [15 minutes from Channel 4]

Full video coverage of official campaign launches of Rory Stewart, Andrea Leadsom and Mark Harper [I hour+ from ITV]

Full coverage of official campaign launches of Boris Johnson and Sajid David [90 minutes ITV]

Labour attempt to block No Deal Brexit fails

Useful item on comparative policies

Boris Johnson absent from Channel 4 Debate

Our Next Prime Minister [BBC TV debate :1 hour]

Clips from BBC TV Debate [ITV}

Reactions to TV Debate [Newsnight]

Further information on remaining 5 candidates

Rory Stewart eliminated

Sajid David eliminated

The Results : All 5 Rounds ***** June 20th

Tactical voting?

The Guardian view of the campaign

Who can win a looming election?

The Conservative party Membership

The Grassroots Campaign: June 21st

The Grassroots Campaign begins

Boris Johnson in row with partner

On the timing of the first live TV debate

ITV coverage of Conservative Party hustings

Channel 4 Coverage here and here    and here [More detailed ]

Governor of Bank of England Mark Carney on No Deal Brexit

Observer Editorial

Observer article [Andrew Rawnsley]

Assessment of Boris Johnson's political record [Ben Worthy for Democratic Audit]

BBC Interview: Boris Johnson

BBC Interview : Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt, Boris Johnson and the Tory Party

Conservative Party and UKIP entryism

Jeremy Hunt , No Deal Brexit and General Election

More Commons plans to block No Deal Brexit

Does Jeremy Hunt still have a chance?

What if Boris Johnson cannot command a Commons Majority?


Peterborough By-election

Peterborough By- election

Peterborough By- election

Peterborough By- lection

UK European Parliament Election

How the Euro Election voting system works

The Euro voting system : some technicalities

UK European Parliament Election Results [BBC}

UK European Parliament Election Results [Channel4]

UK European Parliament Election Results [Guardian]

UK European Parliament Election: Guardian full analysis