Boris Johnson as PM

Boris Johnson as PM

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The Guardian: Conservative Party Leadership Election

The BBC: Conservative Party Leadership Election

BBC Panorama : The Race for Number 10

Conservative Party Leadership Elections  [House of Commons Research Briefing]

The Results : All First 5 Rounds*****

Johnson's first 100 days  This provides a very useful summary [with further links] which take the story to the end of October2019]

The Guardian's Brexit Weekly Briefing.  The November editions provide links to information on the events leading to the calling of the General Election and coverage of  the General Election Campaign

I have asterisked some of the most significant links

July 2019

Boris Johnson defeats Jeremy Hunt

The Life of Boris Johnson [BBC Newsnight]

Boris Johnson : Downing Street First Speech as PM  *****

Cabinet Reshuffle: Ministers leaving Cabinet  *****

Cabinet Reshuffle

Boris Johnson's Cabinet Cull

Boris Johnson's Cabinet in numbers

Boris Johnson's First Day As PM *****

Who's Who in Boris Johnson's first Cabinet

EU will not renegotiate Brexit Deal [ J-C Juncker]

Brexit, Social Care, Police..  and more

Where Next? Channel 4 podcast *****

Economic problems

Boris Johnson rules out General Election amid European opposition to Brexit plans

Preparing Brexit : No Deal [from the Institute  for Government]

Pledge of £3.6Bn for left behind towns

Poll boost for Tories

Brexit Balance has shifted toward No Deal: Dominic Raab

Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon

Boris Johnson, DUP and Confidence and Supply Deal  *****

The Border, Backstop and Brexit   ******

20,000 extra police

Extra £2.1Bn for No Deal Brexit

August 2019

Boris Johnson's UK Tour

Brecon and Radnorshire By-Election Result

Brecon and Radnorshire By-Election Result

Mark Carney warns of instant shock of No Deal Brexit

Tory Rebels Threaten Boris Johnson ******

Boris Johnson pledges £1.8 Billion for NHS

Prime Minister's promise to level up school funding: analysis from Education Policy Institute

The "man of the people" what would Plato think of Boris Johnson? [Professor Lea Ypi]

Analysis of Boris Johnson's Cabinet reconstruction

Adequacy or otherwise of B. Johnson's NHS spending pledge  ******

Explainer on Northern Ireland Backstop from Institute for Government

Boris Johnson has no intention of renegotiating EU Withdrawal Deal" Eu diplomats told  *****

Michael Gove accuses EU of intransigence

New Rebel Bid to halt new deal *****

Mr Johnson and plan to subvert democracy

Ireland says no deal renegotiation on Irish Backstop

Speaker Bercow

Judge rejects Court action over £350M claim

Will the Tory Party split?

ON Dominic Cummings

Lib Dems prefer Clarke or Harman to Corbyn

B. Johnson to Berlin and Paris

Leaks about post Brexit scenario

Johnson confident EU will back down

EU reject Johnson's bid to remove backstop  *****

Merkel gives Johnson 30 days

"I'd lead temporary government" Ken Clarke

Macron dampens hope of Brexit deal

Boris Johnson in Europe: warmer words but a cold reality

Pm warns Ministers over bullying, leaking and trying to stop Brexit

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe  *****

G7 Meeting

No Deal opponents ain to change law  *****

Suspension of Parliament  [Channel 4}  *****

Boris Johnson asks Queen to prorogue Parliament   *****

What is Prorogation and why is Johnson using it?

" A constitutional outrage" says Speaker

"Outrage is Phoney says Jacob Rees-Mogg

Prorogation Explainer    *****

Did Boris Johnson lie to the Queen? Channel 4 *****

Lord Young quits

Ruth Davidson quits

I million + sign anti-prorogation petition

Gina Millar and the High Court  ******

Tory MPs change their minds on prorogation

Scottish judge refuses to block prorogation plan

B. Johnson warns MPs not to damage chance of Brexit deal

An alternative Parliament to fight No-Deal Brexit?  *****

Education spending increase plans

Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid

September 2019

Public opposition to Johnson "coup"

Observer on secret plan to shut down Parliament

Dominic Cummings'' "reign of terror"

Mr Gove refuses to say whether Government would abide by no-deal blocking legislation

Government suggests it may ignore No Deal prevention legislation[  [Channel 4]  *****

Government will deselect Conservative MPs who vote to block No Deal Brexit  *****

Irish Border After brexit: all ideas beset by issues

Tory deselection threat may boost plans to stop no deal Brexit

Speculation of snap Election mounts

B. Johnson Downing Street statement Guardian vtdeo  *****

This prorogation is improper; the government should reverse it [The Constitution Unit]  *****

Boris Johnson: Commons Defeat *****

MPs back bill to stop No deal Brexit Channel 4

MPs back bill to stop No Deal Brexit {BBC]

Boris Johnson's electoral gamble risks wrecking Tory Party

 ....the Boris Johnson pantomime will end

ITV coverage of Commons Defeat and aftermath with useful video clips *****

The Tory Rebels

21 Conservative MPs lose Whip  *****

Cornered Boris Johnson suffers triple Commons defeat  ******

Could there still be an election and what is happening with No Deal Brexit?

Brexit: Bill designed to block No Deal Brexit "will clear Lords"

Jo Johnson quits   *****

PM says he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit Channel 4*****

Police chiefs condemn Johnson

An early or late election?

Jo Johnson resignation and aftermath : Channel 4

On Constitutional Reform [Prof. Meg Russell]  *****

Opinion Poll[ Other polls are available]

Farage seeks election pact with Tories *****

Will Boris Johnson depose himself?

Amber Rudd resignation  *****

Boris Johnson and possible court battle over Brexit delay law

Amber Rudd resignation

Amber Rudd Resignation: Channel4

Andrew Neil interviews George Osborne [2017] Useful background on economic debate

Amber Rudd Resignation

6 ways Johnson could evade block on No Deal Brexit

John Bercow resigns  ******

Boris Johnson loses 6th vote in 6 days  ******

Parliament prorogued   *****

Parliament Prorogued : Channel 4*****

A Northern Ireland -only backstop? *****

Return of Theresa May withdrawal agreement?   *****

MPs look to bring back May's deal

Mini Cabinet reshuffle  *****

Scottish judges rule Boris Johnson's prorogation unlawful *****

Prorogation ruled unlawful

Farage-Johnson Pact?

Prorogation ruled unlawful

No Deal Brexit and Neoliberalism

Senior Tories rebuff Farage deal

How UK's Brexit drama became a crisis [Very good summary of the story so far] ******

Our very democracy is at stake

Sam Gyimah joins Lib Dems

David Cameron on Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson in Luxemburg

Boris Johnson Says UK will leave EU on October 31st  *****

Ruth Davidson

Nothing normal about this beast of a government

Boris Johnson and Jennifer Arcuri

Supreme Court Judgement  *****

More on Supreme Court verdict

Supreme Court verdict: Channel4*****

One Nation Tories Unhappy

Inflammatory Language

We will respect the law and we will come out by October 31st *****

Brexit Forecast

Boris Johnson and Brexit Backers

Michel Barnier on Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson's Terrible Week *****

Will Boris Johnson ignore Brexit delay law ******

From 40 hospitals to 6 ******

Jennifer Arcuri

Conservative Party Conference

Boris Johnson and Journalist

Boris Johnson's unwinnable chess game

The Tories have lost their ideology

October 2019

Moment of Truth on Brexit deal

Could some Labour MPs support Boris Johnson Brexit deal?

The EU prepares to move on

Conservative Party conference





Conservative Party Conference

Dominic Cummings


Boris Johnson prepares for discussions with EU leaders

Dismay in Brussels

EU Parliament

Boris Johnson seeks fresh suspension of Parliament from October 8th *****

Boris Johnson's Brexit plan revealed

Boris Johnson in new court showdown

Deal or no deal but no delay

Boris Johnson and new deal proposals


Boris Johnson's final offer ******

B. Johnson to write to EU re extension  ******

Leo Varadkar

Scottish Courts reject request forcing Pm tio ask for extension

No Brexit progress: No 10 blames EU


Is Brexit deal impossible

Extension of deadline to June2020?

Brexit deal appears doomed  *****

Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar

Boris Johnson U turn


Queen's speech

Brexit deal *****

How different from Theresa May's deal

Boris Johnson gets deal *****

Worse that TheresaMay's deal?

DUP humiliated

A bad deal?

Johnson's Brexit deal

Likelihood of Brexit extension

Boris Johnson faces court action

Saturday Brexit vote*****

Letwin amendment

Vote On Letwin amendement

Saturday vote {A Rawnsley]

Saturday vote

B. Johnson letters to EU *****

letters to Eu

Speaker denies B. Johnson second vote on Brexit deal

Speaker denies B. Johnson Second Vote: Channel 4 *****

  Boris Johnson will attempt to win Commons votes on Deal  *****

Several articles on Brexit negotiations

Several articles on Brexit negotiations

Boris Johnson and contempt of court

Brexit deal on knife edge

MPS reject Boris Johnson attempt at fast track Brexit deal   *****

Brexit delay?  ******

PM to pause Brexit legislation  *****

Brexit Delay Channel 4

Boris Johnson accused of avoiding parliamentary scrutiny

Johnson and push for Dec 12th General Election  *****

Lib Dems and call for new General Election

Labour and call for new General Election

Boris Johnson fails in third attempt to call General election *****

MPs vote against Dec12th General Election Channel 4

Boris Johnson abandons Bill in newpush for new General Election

Whip returned to 10 Conservative Rebels

Parliament vote for December 12th General Election  *****

Parliament votes for Dec 12 th General Election : Channel 4

Parliament has breached spirit and intent of Fixed Term Parliament Act *****

November 2019

How The Conservatives tremain in power

A disgrace? No: we'll all miss this House of Commons

NHS drug prices to increase if Johnson signs Trump trade deal

Johnson's first 100 days  Very useful summary of thee story so far *****

B. Johnson's populism

B/ Johnson and Vote Leave's illegal overspend *****

Juncker says B. Johnson lied during referendum campaign

The 2019 General Election Campaign

B. Johnson and NHS

Report on Russian involvrement in British politics blocked

P Hammond to step down as MP

Tory election campaign starts amid Tory scandals

Boris Johnson attacks after Tory gaffes

Boris Johnson pledges no second Scottish referendum

Bo ris Johnson accused of misleading on N. Ireland

On trends in the education system

Tory Gaffes and Farage boost

Boris Johnson under fire over failure to sack allegedly racist Tory candidate


Boris Johnson and spending package for neglected towns

Tories and Environment

B. Johnson and Russia Report

B. Johnson, Brexit and business tax cuts

Get Brexit done

Boris Johnson's lies [Peter Oborne}

Election claims: how plausible?

Corbyn-Johnson TV debate

Boris Johnson and National Insurance

Boris Johnson and "twitter debacle"

Jennifer Arcuri

Tory Donors

BBC Question Time Leaders Special

Get Brexit done: a deceptive slogan [Andrew Rawnsley]

Conservative Manifesto

BC admits editing mistake

Brexit crisis?

Child poverty to increase under Tories?

B. Johnson apologises for Tory Islamophobia

Tories, Labour and economy

B. Johnson accu8sed of racial stereotyping

Boris Johnson p39

December 2019

Boris Johnson blames Labour for early release

London Bridge Knife attack

Andrew Neil Interview?

Brexit Party and the Tories Channel 4

Who won the final debate?

40 new hospitals?

Get Brexit done?

NHS issue

Hiding from reporters?

Boris Johnson and Conservatism

Boris Johnson: social liberal?

Page 27 start again here

Boris Johnson speaks post=election

2019 General Election

Labour Meltdown

Boris Johnson on N.E England

After The General Election

The Real Boris Johnson [Tim Bale]

Boris Johnson [Andrew Rawnsley]

What to expect from Johnson government

Boris Johnson and Constitutional Change

Johnson revises Withdrawal Bill

Queen's Speech

Minor Cabinet Reshuffle

MPs pass withdrawal bill

Zac Goldsmith peerage

Nicky Morgan retains Cabinet position

BBC Bias?

Social Care and One Nation Conservatism


BoRis Johnson and Islamophobi

Andy Beckett on the Tories

Neo-liberalism is an unthinking leftist insult

Zac Goldsmith peeragex

How the Tories won: Channel 4

January 2020

Guardian page 10

Guardian view on Civil Service Reform

UK and climate emergency

Guardian Huawei page

The Zaghari-Ratcliffe's Ordeal

Financing Social Care

A and E problems

Brexit Bill goes to the Lords

Boris Johnson and Iran plane crash

Qassem Suleimani

Refugee children

Stormont reopens

Boris Johnson and Stormont Funding

Boris Johnson and Scottish Independence

Guardian view on Boris Johnson policy

Big Ben Brexit Bong

Wales , Scotland and Independence

Boris Johnson threatens Cabinet Ministers

Boris Johnson: liberal, nuanced, cautious

Boris Johnson and the North

Grenfell survivors criticise out of touch Johnsom

Ailing Civil service

Cummings and BBC

Brexit Bill becomes law

Brexit Bill becomes Lax ;Channel 4

Red Wall areas and council funding review

Ipsos Mori Poll data

Johnson praises Trump Middle East plan


Guardian Huawei page

February 2020

Boris Johnson and hard line trade deal

Boris Johnson says no need to follow EU rules

On Dominic Cummings {The Long Read]

Boris Johnson and Climate Change

Glasgow Climate Change Summit


Michel Barnier

Political journalists boycott No 10

COP 26

Post-Brexit Trade deal

Boris Johnson and Climate Change

Stanley Johnson


On Dominic Cummings {The Long Read]


Scotland-Northern Ireland Bridge





Windrush and current deportations

Cabinet Reshuffle February 2020

Cabinet reshuffle

Cabinet reshuffle

Cabinet Reshuffle

Sajid Javid resigns as Chancellor

Sajid Javid resignation

Sajid Javid resignation

Boris Johnson now in control of Treasury

Odd Choices?

Boris Johnson says no need to follow EU rules

Sajid Javid speaks

A cabinet of courtiers?

Revenge reshuffle?

New Cabinet at a glance

Boris Johnson now in control of Treasury

Sajid Javid quits Channel 4[19 minutes]

Reshuffle of non-Cabinet Ministers

BBC Newsnight on reshuffle 15 minutes

Cabinet reshuffle [The Conversation]

First Cabinet Meeting {How we laughed]


The No 10 Power Grab and its implications

Power Play: How the Chancellor lost control of No. 11

No 10 Power Grab [Andrew Rawnsley]

Michael Gove and Constitutional Reform

Critical assessment of Cabinet Reshuffle: The Observer

Very Useful analysis of Boris Johnson's Politics by Larry Elliot

New immigration policy

Sajid Javid Resignation speech

Andrew Sabitsky

Eugenics row

Brexity Hezza?

Priti Patel

Priti Patel

Boris Johnson and Whitehall *****

Foreign and Defence policy review

Brexit: will UK walk away in June?

Brexit talks

Brexit talks

Brexit talks

Sir Phillip Rutnam resignation statement

Priti Patel- Sir Phillip Rutnam *****

Priti Patel

Coronavirus *****

March 2020

Boris Johnson: Invisible Man  *****


Cabinet Inquiry and Priti Patel

Cabinet Inquiry and Priti Patel

Boris Johnson and Covid 19

Covid 19

Cheltenham Festival

Energy U Turn

Tory Islamophobia

Priti Patel

Is Boris Johnson moving Left? *****

Civil Service  *****

Rishi Sunak’s Budget

On Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson and Thatcherism *****

Critical assessment

Media management *****

April 2020


Boris Johnson : critical assessment 

Boris Johnson hospitalised


When will lock down be eased?

Cheltenham Festival

Lock down

MPs and Scrutiny *****

The Tories will be  different Party *****

 Tories turning Britain into One Party state ? *****

Tories on Defensive

Sir Philip Rutnam

Doves, Hawks and COVID 19

Scientific advisory group

Boris Johnson returns to work

Boris Johnson and COBR meetings

18 months of Boris Johnson*****

COVID Crisis

May 2020

UK Trade Minister resigns

government flying blind

Lock down to be loosened

government and Covid

Ministers were warned

Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe *****

Critical assessment of Johnson government


Dominic Cummings Boris Johnson and Liaison Committee *****

Boris Johnson and Liaison Committee  *****

Dominic Cummings  *****

 Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings

June 2020

Rees Mogg and Vote in Person Plan

PMQs *****


The Cabinet *****

Statues and History

Care Homes


Right wing protests

Covid 19

Covid 19

Munira Mirza

are schools safe?

 Marcus Rashford 

Criticism of DfID -F.O merger *****

Criticism of Johnson Government*****

U turns and Broken promises? *****

Boris Johnson and Child Poverty

Robert Jenrick*****

Mark Sedwill Resignation*****

Mark Sedwill resignation

New National Security adviser*****

Boris Johnson’s New Deal *****

Boris Johnson’s New Deal

July 2020

Wealth Tax?

Pubs reopen

Civil Service *****

Huawei *****

Care Homes

Cabinet Secretary resigns *****

Reorganisation of NHS


Face Masks

Boris Johnson and PMQT *****

Boris Johnson and PMQT

Julian Lewis

Priti Patel and Civil Service *****

DfiD Merger


Civil Service *****

Boris Johnson’s First Year *****


Boris Johnson and Scotland

Boris Johnson’s First Year *****

Russia Report *****

One Nation Conservatism *****

August 2020

Boris Johnson and the Lords*****

Judicial review *****

  government of Sleaze ? *****

Contact Tracing

Boris Johnson and Parliament*****

Migrant Deaths

Russian Interference?

Examinations Crisis

Boris Johnson and the Tories *****

The Proms *****

Boris Johnson and the Civil Service*****

Boris Johnson and Individual Ministerial responsibility *****

Tory plan to scrap Electoral Commission   *****

New Head of Civil Service to be appointed *****

September 2020 

Boris Johnson and Parliament [from The Constitution Unit]  *****

Restive  Conservative MPs

Simon Case: new Head of Civil Service *****

Prime Minister’s Question Time September 2nd

Boris Johnson’s declining popularity

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October 2020

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November 2020


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