UK EU Referendum

The UK EU Referendum  and Its Aftermath : Some Links

 Current Brexit Negotiations  [from June 2017]

August 2017

Theresa May and The European Court of Justice

The case for a second referendum: Professor Vernon Bogdanor

Britain's Customs Proposals

Britain's Customs Proposals: EU Response

A Second Referendum? [Prof. Vernon Bogdanor}

July 2017

Cabinet tensions over Post- Brexit free movement

Labour's titanic Brexit Nightmare

Philip Hammond and Soft Brexit

Chlorinated Chicken

Chlorinated Chicken

Guardian supports continued membership of Single Market or something very similar

Polly Toynbee critical of Jeremy Corbyn and Barry Gardiner

Disputes within Labour Party

Single Market and EU Membership: Jeremy Corbyn's View

June 2017

Dominic Cummings and Vote Leave in the EU Referendum campaign

What is the Single Market ? [ Professor Michael Dougan video]

Brexit and Euratom: here and here

The Great Repeal Bill [Professor Michael Dougan]

Will UK change its mind?

Theresa May, David Davis and the ECJ

Philip Hammond and a "softer Brexit"

Membership of EEA and/or Customs Union ]Prospect]

Membership of EEA and/or Customs Union

Emily Thornberry on Chuka Ummuna Amendment

Three Labour Front Benchers Sacked

Chuka Umunna Amendment

Brexit : What is UK offering EU citizens?

Brexit Negotiations BBC

Conservatives and the Brexit Battle

Triggering Article 50

History of UK -EU Relations

Two lectures by Professor Simon Hix on Britain and Europe   Video

Enoch Powell and modern Tory Euroscepticism

Euroscepticism and the Conservative Party

Brexit and the Conservative Party [ Matthew d'Ancona: Guardian]

Long term trends and Brexit [Prof Michael Sandel : New Statesman]

Brexit : A disaster decades in the making [Gary Younge Guardian]

How the Eurosceptics got their referendum {Professor  Tim Bale: LSE Blog

43 Years of Embarrassed Pro-Europeanism contributed to Brexit . Eunice Goes : LSE Blog

Campaign Issues

David Cameron on the prospect of Brexit [Observer]

Tax increases and government spending reductions will follow Brexit says George Osborne {Guardian]

The EU Referendum [Professor Michael Dougan]  Video

EU referendum Arguments [Professor  Danny Dorling]

UK-EU Economic Relations House of Commons Library Briefing Paper

The Left Wing case for Brexit [One Day] Paul Mason

Immigration Data {The Conversation]

EU and Fracking [The Independent]Audio

IFS and LSE experts' views on economy

Working class Culture and the EU referendum [Paul Mason : Guardian]

Is The EU really run by unelected bureaucrats [Professor  Simon Hix: LSE Blog]

Brexit and the impact of Immigration on the UK [LSE Centre for Economic Performance]

 Result and Immediate Aftermath

Chatham House Lecture by Professor Matthew Goodwin [Very, Very useful]

How the UK voted [Lord Ashcroft Poll]

Detailed analysis of voting patterns [Joseph Rowntree Foundation]

Analysis of Results [BBC]

Analysis by Danny Dorling

The Failure of the Remain Campaign [Rafael Behr : Guardian]

Panorama: Why we voted "Leave" Britain Speaks" Video

Impact of Judicial Decision [Guardian Panel]

Impact of Judicial decision [Guardian: Polly Toynbee]

Impact Of Judicial decision [Guardian; Rowena Mason and others ]

Theresa May , Judiciary  and Brexit

The Judiciary and Brexit [BBC]

The Judiciary and Brexit[BBC]

The Failure of the Remain Campaign [Rafael Behr : Guardian]

Panorama: Why we voted "Leave" Britain Speaks" Video

After the EU referendum: What next for Britain and Europe?  Video

The UK after the Referendum [Professor Michael Dougan] Video

The UK in a Changing Europe

Britain, Europe and the real crisis [Kenan Malik]

Don't blame Jeremy Corbyn [Professor John Curtice: New Statesman]

Earnings, Inequality and votes [Resolution Foundation]

Post -Referendum Racism {Guardian]

Immigration and Workers' Rights [Guardian]

Accusations of Dishonesty {Nick Cohen Observer]

On possible party splits and realignments Professor David Saunders [The Conversation]

Cameron's Misjudgement /[Andrew Rawnsley Observer

On David Cameron [Patrick Dunleavy : LSE Blog]

On David Cameron {Aditya Chakrabortty Guardian]

Conservative Leader: Who might succeed David Cameron?

David Cameron [Guardian] 

The David Cameron Story [BBC]

The resignation of Nigel Farage as UKIP Leader

The Conservative Party Leadership [Ongoing Guardian coverage]

Robert Peston Interviews Theresa May

The Politics Hub [Very useful YouTube Source]

Theresa May as Prime Minister