A Compendium of Video and Audio Materials-Section2

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Topics in this Section

Section 2- The USSR and Russia

Section 2 - The Middle East

Section 2 - China

Section 2 - The History of Ireland

Section 2 - The Cold War [24 part series]


The USSR and Russia

Tsars and Revolutions     May 2014

The Russian Revolution

Lenin and the Russian Revolution


Stalin and the Man of Steel   ;Mainly Stalin in the Second World War


Trotsky: Rise and Fall of  Revolutionary

Trotsky: a discussion

The Cold War [25 part series]     December 2016

Mikhail Gorbachev [lecture by William Taubman]

Mikhail Gorbachev and the end of the Cold War

The Rise and Fall of Gorbachev      December 2016

Gorbachev :OneTwoThreeFour     December 2016

Mikhail Gorbachev      December 2016

Boris Yeltsin 

Series of podcasts on Stain, Gorbachev, Yeltsin

Vladimir Putin's Rise to Power    December 2016

The Rise of Vladimir Putin One  Two

Vladimir Putin 1 [BBC] NEW December 2016

Click here and here and here for  the Ukraine Conflict

Inside Putin's Russia

Putin, Russia and the West [4 hours]

The Middle East

Birth of Israel: Birth of a Nation

The 50 Years War : Israel and the Arabs: Part OnePart Two

The Arab Israeli War

The Truth on Israel- Palestine Conflict

Iran and the West: The Man who changed the world: OneTwoThree

The Iraq War

The Chilcot Inquiry [BBC}

BBC News Country Profiles [See Middle East]

Libya ; The Rise and Fall of Gaddafi

Saudi Arabia Uncovered


Mao's Bloody Revolution

Chairman Mao Declassified

Chinese Revolution

The History of Ireland

Ireland: A Television History [13 Parts : presented by Robert Kee]

The Story of Ireland

The Troubles: A Secret History

Michael Collins

The Cold War [24 part series]

The Cold War

Further Topics

Section 1 - Aspects of Politics: Theory and Practice 

Section 1 - Some Key Historical Topics

Section 3 - The Mass Media [NEW links added March 2014]

Section 3 - Recent Developments in Feminism

Section 3 - Welfare and Inequality

Section 4 - Annual Political Reviews  2015-2019

Section 4 - Conservatives 1979-2020

Section 4 - Labour: 1979-2020

Section 4 - Liberal Democrats

Section 4 - The Financial Crisis

Section 4- British Government Institutions

Section 5 - USA Presidents from J. F. Kennedy to Barak Obama

Section 5 - The USA In the Vietnam War 1962 -1975 

Section 5 - Recent Presidential Elections

Section 5 - The US Supreme Court