Contemporary Matters – New Links January 2024

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Added in January 2024.

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UK History

Click here   for Meet the Romans

Click here  for A History of Britain

Click here  for A History of Now


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Click here  for Russia 1988-1995: Trauma Zone

Click here  for Putin, Russia and the West

Click here   for Putin versus the West


Middle East

Click here  for How the Holocaust began

Click here for Jews.

Click here for Exodus: Our Journey

Click here for The Holy Land and Us

Click here for The Birth of Israel

Click here for The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs

Click here for Israel and the Arabs: Elusive Peace

Click here  for One Day in Gaza

Click here  for Afghanistan

Click here  for Humza: Forgiving the Unforgiveable

Click here  for The Road to Terror [Iran]

Click here for Inside the Iranian Uprising

Click here  for Once Upon a Time in Iraq

Click here  for The Shamima Begum Story



Click here for China: A New World Order

Click here for Inside Taiwan: Standing up to China


The History of Ireland

Click here  for Endgame in Ireland

Click here for Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland

Click here for The Secret Peacemaker



Click here for Cuba: Castro vs the World



Click here for Europe: Ten Years of Turmoil



Click here for India: The Modi Question


North Korea

Click here  for North Korea: The Insiders



Click here  for Turkey: Empire of Erdogan


International Issues: Miscellaneous

Click here  for Our World episodes

Click here  for This World episodes


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Mass Media and Popular Culture

Click Here for House of Maxwell

Click here for The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty

Popular Culture

Click here for  Disco: Soundtrack to a Revolution

Click here for Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World

Click here for Helping Our Teens

Click here for My Life as a Rolling Stone


Feminism Gender and Sexuality

Click here for Hidden Girls

Click here for Lily: A Transgender Story

Click here for Olly: Growing Up Gay

Click here for Queer Britain

Click here for some additional resources on Feminism


Welfare and inequality

Click here  for Fighting the Cost of Living Crisis

Click here   for How to Crack the Class Ceiling

Click here for Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s Children

Click here for The Mayfair Set

Click here for additional resources on Wealth and Poverty

Click here for latest links on Social Differentiation and Stratification


Crime and Deviance

Click here for Escaping Gangs: Death, Jail or Redemption

Click here  for Fraud Squad

Click here  for NYPD: Biggest Gang in New York?

Click here  for Scandalous: Phone Hacking on Trial

Click here  for Street Gangs

Click here  for Tagged.

Click here for Teenage Knife Wars

Click here for You Match the Descriptions: Stop and Search


Click here for some additional resources on Crime and Deviance


Click here  for Big Oil verses the World

Click here for The Boys from Brazil

Click here for Extinction Rebellion: Last Chance to save the Planet

Click here for Extinction: The Facts

Click here for Future Earth

Click here for The Green Planet

Click here for The People v Climate Change

Click here and here

Click here and here  and here


 Ethnicity and Race Relations

Click here  for The Black American Fight for Freedom

Click here  for Black is the new Black.

Click here for Black Power: A British Story of Resistance

Click here  for Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners

Click here for Do Black Lives Still matter?

Click here  for Fighting the Power: Britain after George Floyd

Click here  for “Go Back to Where You Came From.”

Click here  for Is Uni Racist?

Click here for Subnormal : A British Scandal

Click here for We are Black and British

Click here for  Windrush

Click here for  Windrush Portraits of a Generation


The Nature of Modern Society [Documentaries by Ian Curtis]

Click here for The Century of the Self

Click here for Hypernormalisation.

Click here for The Living Dead

Click here for Pandora’s Box

Click here  for The Trap


Panorama : Miscellaneous

Click here for Panorama [Various Episodes]


 Section 4

UK politics

Click here  for Our Falklands War

Click here for Grenfell: Five Years: Five Stories

Click here for State of Chaos

Click here  for Thatcher: A Very British Revolution

Click here  for Thatcher and Reagan

Click here for coverage of all UK Premierships from Margaret Thatcher to Rishi Sunak


Section 5  USA

Click here  for Inside Obama’s White House

Click here For Guardian 2020 US Presidential Election Page

Click here for BBC coverage of 2020 US Presidential Election

Click here  for Four Hours at the Capital

Click here  for Proud Boys: The Battle for January Sixth

Click here  for Get on Up: The Triumph of Black America

Click here  for Dark States {Louis Theroux]

Click here  for Segregated America: A School in the South

Click here   for Till Kingdom Come: Trump, Faith, and Money

and Click here  for Trump charged for Capitol Hill Riot

Click here Trump and Criminal Investigations

Click here for Guardian Donald Trump Page

Click here  for Guardian Joe Biden Page