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Topics in this Section

Section 3 - The Mass Media [NEW links added March 2014]

Section 3 - Recent Developments in Feminism

Section 3 - Welfare and Inequality

The Mass Media [NEW links added March 2014]

Noam Chomsky on The Mass Media [Thanks to C. P. MacLochlann]

Click here for a critical assessment of the organisation and activities of the Mass Media in the USA [Video 25 minutes: You Tube]

Click here for recent Opinion Poll for Guardian  showing  respondents more likely to  believe that the BBC has a left-wing bias than  to believe that it has a right-wing bias

Click here and here for articles suggesting that the BBC has a Right Wing Bias

Click here for a 9 part series of Podcasts on Media Sociology produced by Steve Bassett of Park College Eastbourne.

Recent Developments in Feminism

Judith Butler. Queer Theory and Gender Performativity   April 2014

Gloria de Piero on Mary Wollstonecraft    March 2014

 For a two part lecture on Mary Wollstonecraft click here and here

Kimberle Crenshaw Lecture on Feminist Theory [LSE Podcast]   March 2014

Germaine Greer discusses The Whole Woman [from 1999]    April 2014

Germaine Greer Lecture 2012   April 2014

Feminism and Privilege [From March 2014 WOW Conference on Feminist Issues]    March 2014

Vast Array of Talks and Discussions on Feminist Issues  [From March 2014 Conference on Feminist Issues]    March 2014 

Welfare and Inequality

How TV Portrays the Working Class [Owen Jones TV Lecture Clip]

Chavs [Owen Jones in discussion with Laurie Taylor BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed]

Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class {Owen Jones Video]

Independent Article by Owen Jones     Feb.2014

The Price of Inequality [Joseph Stiglitz video]

The Equalities Trust Homepage [Several relevant articles here]

The website of Professor Danny Dorling  [Excellent resources on Social Inequality]   October 2014

The Establishment and how they get away with it[ Owen Jones LSE podcast]    October 2014

Inequality and the 1%  what goes wrong when the rich become too rich[Professor Danny Dorling Podcast from LSE]  December 2014

 Why We cannot afford the Rich Part OnePart Two{Professor Andrew Sayer]   December 2014

The New Social Mobility[Video Lecture by Dr Geoff Payne]   June 2015 

The Precariat: the new, dangerous class [Video Lecture by Professor Guy Standing ]     June 2015 

The Precariat; A bogus concept?  by Jan Breman

Article by Guy Standing : response to Jan Breman on the Precariat

Is the precariat a class? by E.O. Wright

The Precariat[Thinking Allowed with Laurie Taylor, Prof Guy Standing and Dr Lisa McKenzie ]     June 2015

Beyond the Spirit Level[Video Lecture by Professor Kate Pickett ]     June 2015

Further Sections

Section 1 - Aspects of Politics: Theory and Practice 

Section 1 - Some Key Historical Topics

Section 2- The USSR and Russia

Section 2 - The Middle East

Section 2 - China

Section 2 - The History of Ireland

Section 2 - The Cold War [24 part series]

Section 4 - Annual Political Reviews  2015-2019

Section 4 - Conservatives 1979-2020

Section 4 - Labour: 1979-2020

Section 4 - Liberal Democrats

Section 4 - The Financial Crisis

Section 4- British Government Institutions

Section 5 - USA Presidents from J. F. Kennedy to Barak Obama

Section 5 - The USA In the Vietnam War 1962 -1975 

Section 5 - Recent Presidential Elections

Section 5 - The US Supreme Court