The Labour Party Leadership Election September 2015

The Labour Party Leadership Election September 12th 2015 

Thousands of articles have already been written about the Labour Party Leadership Election. Here is a very short selection  of differing interpretations. It will gradually be updated


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BBC Coverage

The Full Results

Jeremy Corbyn: Who is Labour's new leader?

How did he win?

What now ?

24 Things Jeremy Corbyn believes

More on the aftermath of Jeremy Corbyn's victory

What the media says about Jeremy Corbyn

Channel 4 Coverage

John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor [Paul Mason]

Gary Gibbon's view

Jon Snow interviews John McDonnell [5mins]

Jon Snow interviews John McDonnell [15 mins]

John Snow interviews Jeremy Corbyn [13 mins]

Sky News

Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Question Time

Daily Mail Coverage

Richard Littlejohn's View

The Sun Coverage

Trevor Kavanagh's View

Telegraph Coverage

The lessons of History for Jeremy Corbyn

The possible policy implications of Jeremy Corbyn's victory

Guardian/Observer coverage

Jeremy Corbyn's victory speech

Observer Editorial

Critique of Observer Editorial by Ed Vulliamy

Fears and hopes of how a Corbyn victory will change British Politics

Ken Livingstone supports Jeremy Corbyn

Andrew Rawnsley's View

Owen Jones' View

Gary Younge's view

Zoe Williams' view

Guardian coverage of media coverage [Roy Greenslade]

Polly Toynbee's View

Aditya Chakrabortty's view

Seamus Milne's view

Patrick Wintour's view


Critique of Guardian Coverage