The Labour Party Leadership Election 2016

The Labour Party Leadership Election 2016 

Thousands of articles have already been written on the Labour Party leadership election . Here I include links to full Guardian , BBC  and Conversation coverage together with  links to a short selection of useful articles. Chronologically the story begins at the bottom of the page. More links will be added.

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The Jeremy Corbyn Story [BBC]

Labour's 2017 General Election Manifesto [New Statesman]

The Labour Party [BBC Panorama]

Tom Mills' book review of Richard Seymour's book on  Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

Steve Richards' BBC Radio 4 Series : The Corbyn Story

Labour Party Leadership : Guardian Coverage

Angela Eagle: Guardian coverage

Labour Party leadership BBC coverage

Labour Party The Conversation coverage

Recent data on party membership [House of Commons Research Briefing]

Click here for an LSE article on Jeremy Corbyn and the Mass Media and here for a related summary video

Jeremy Corbyn and the mass media [ Podcast summarising above article]

Who are the Corbynistas?[BBC]

Ed Balls and Labour [BBC]

Ed Balls and Labour [Matthew d'Ancona Guardian]



Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Observer

Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Observer

Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Observer

Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Observer

Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Observer [Scroll down here for detailed result statistics]

Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Observer

Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Guardian

Guardian report of David Miliband's NS article

David Miliband on the Labour Party New Statesman

Labour leadership poll closes [Guardian]

Labour leadership poll closes [BBC]

Funding of Labour groups unsympathetic to Jeremy Corbyn [Independent]

The Labour Party [BBC Panorama]

Channel 4, Dispatches and The Battle for the Labour Party [Huffington Post]

The Future of the Shadow Cabinet [Guardian]

The Future of the Shadow Cabinet [BBC]

Alistair Campbell and John McDonnell on BBCQT

Owen Smith on Momentum

Jeremy Corbyn vindicated

Jeremy Corbyn is no leader: Ben Bradshaw

Possibility of compromise with hostile  Labour MPs[ Guardian]

J.Corbyn-O. Smith debate clips with link to full debate

Elections to Shadow Cabinet: OneTwo


Jeremy Corbyn criticises suspension of party members without appeal [Guardian]

Labour leadership election [Andrew Rawnsley Observer]

Sadiq Khan backs Owen Smith BBC

Jeremy Corbyn and NATO BBC

Voter Eligibility Dispute: Court of Appeal backs the NEC BBC

Tom Watson and evidence of Trotskyite entryism Guardian

Corbynites critical of Tom Watson. Guardian

Tom Watson and Trotskyite entryism BBC

First hustings debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith Guardian

First hustings debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith BBC

Jeremy Corbyn's former economics advisers back Owen Smith

Jeremy Corbyn and improved workers' rights


Jeremy Corbyn refuses Channel 4 debate with Owen Smith [Observer]

Ballot Challenge Ruling [Guardian]

Ballot Challenge {Summary Judicial Ruling in Favour of Jeremy Corbyn]

Clive Lewis backs Jeremy Corbyn [Guardian]

Yvette Cooper backs Owen Smith [Guardian]

Jeremy Corbyn Ballot Challenge [BBC}

Ms Seema Malhotra and her office [BBC]

Jeremy Corbyn: 32point lead over Owen Smith [Observer]

Jeremy Corbyn Profile BBC

Steve Richards article [Guardian]

Owen Jones interviews Lisa Nandy

Angela Eagle steps aside {Guardian]

Angela Eagle  [Guardian]

Owen Smith  [Observer]

Labour Party [Observer editorial]

Reports of disputes between Angela Eagle and Owen Smith [Guardian]

Labour leadership rules [Professor Meg Russell Observer]

Labour suspends Brighton Branch [Guardian]

John McDonnell on Labour Party electoral rules [Guardian]

Labour donor to mount legal challenge to NEC vote [Guardian]

Owen Smith and  referendum on Brexit deal {Guardian]

Assessment by Jonathan Freedland [including " electoral rules information" [Guardian]

Corbyn opponents try to fix vote [Robert Peston ITV]

Owen Smith :BBC Profile

Owen Smith announces candidacy for Labour leadership [Guardian]

Detailed report on NEC Meeting [Huffington Post]

NEC votes to allow Jeremy Corbyn onto leadership ballot[ Guardian]

Jeremy Corbyn targeted with death threats [The Independent]

Angela Eagle's constituency office vandalised ?  [Guardian]

Angela Eagle leadership campaign launch [Guardian]

Angela Eagle Guardian

Angela Eagle announces leadership bid [Guardian]

Possibility of new centre party [Guardian]

After the experiment [Guardian editorial]

Labour leadership election rules BBC

Tom Watson and Len McCluskey

Neil Kinnock Speech

Neil Kinnock calls for new members to vote against Jeremy Corbyn

PLP  vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn BBC

Resignations from Shadow Cabinet BBC