A  short selection of links on the theory of the underclass


For Charles Murray and the Underclass; The Developing Debate [Various contributors] From 1996 - Click Here

For The Riots of the underclass? [Dr. Imogen Tyler] – Click Here

For The idea that there is a welfare dependent underclass is wrong [Review of Prof. John Hills’ recent book] – Click Here

For Black British realities and the return of the “underclass” [Open democracy] – Click Here

For Underclass, overclass. ruling class, supernova class[ Prof. Danny Dorling] – Click Here

For Revealed; the staggering scale of Britain’s underclass [Daily Mail] – Click Here

For England’s riots : the return of the underclass [BBC] – Click Here

For Chavs [In the second section  of this Thinking Allowed programme for BBC Radio 4  Professor Laurie Taylor is in discussion with author Owen Jones. The first section is on “Ageing Goths”! ] – Click Here

 For Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones – Click Here

For Are ‘cultures of worklessness’ passed down the generations?  [ Prof Tracy Shildrick article for Joseph Rowntree Foundation] – Click Here

For “What is the best hope for the underclass? Aspiration or Grievance ?” [The Economist] – Click Here

For “Worklessness is not a trait: why blaming and shaming is not a solution.” Mireia Borell-Porta [ Post doc. researcher at LSE] – Click Here

For link to the Centre for Social Justice and Breakthrough Britain – Click Here

Note that several of these items contain extended bibliographies from which you can easily extend my short list!