The Occupy Protests

The Occupy Protests: Various Links


  • The BBC
  1. Click here for London Protests: Second Day
  2. Click here for US Protests
  3. Click here for worldwide protests slideshow
  4. Click here for Paul Mason's analysis of the protests
  5. Click here for Italian protests
  • Channel Four
  1. Click here for Occupy Wall Street goes global
  2. Click here for London demonstrations
  • Guardian and  Observer Coverage
  1. Click here for Guardian coverage with  several additional links
  2. Click here for more Guardian links
  3. Click here for Guardian map of spread of occupations
  4. Click here for Observer coverage of occupation of UBS London building
  5. Click here for Naomi Wolf Guardian article
  • New Statesman Coverage
    1. Click here for NS article on growth of USA inequality
    2. Click here for NS article on the financial crisis and conspiracy theory


  • The NewsClick Website. Click below for video lectureson the Occupy Movement  by renowned theorists such as Noam Chomsky and Leo Panitch
  1. Leo Panitch on the Occupy Movement
  2. Leo Panitch and Aijaz Ahmed on the Occupy Movement
  3. Noam Chomsky on the Occupy Movement