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Socialism: Revision Questions

  1. Write a paragraph on the pre-industrial origins of socialist ideas.
  2. Write a paragraph on utopian socialism.
  3. What criticisms were made by Marx of utopian socialism?
  4. List some core values of socialism.
  5. What are the relationships between equality of outcome, liberty and equality of opportunity according to Socialists?
  6. And according to conservatives?
  7. List three ways in which evolutionary socialism differs from revolutionary socialism.
  8. Are democratic socialism and social democracy the same thing?
  9. How did Marx link the analysis of social classes with the analysis of capitalism?
  10. What criticisms did Marx make of the capitalist system?
  11. What is a State?
  12. What was Marx’s view of the capitalist state?
  13. Why did Marx believe that socialist revolutions were likely to occur?
  14. Marx predicted that such revolutions were more likely to occur in the advanced capitalist societies of Western Europe. In practice “socialist” revolution occurred in Russia. Why have socialist revolutions not occurred in Western Europe.?
  15. Were the consequences of revolution in Russia in line with Marx’s predictions or not?
  16. In relation to socialism what do you understand by the term “revisionism”/
  17. Radical socialists are highly critical of the capitalist system. Why?
  18. Revisionists are less critical of the capitalist system. Why?
  19. Who was Tony Crosland and why is he significant in the development of Labour ideology?
  20. How may Labour ideology have changed under Tony Blair’s leadership?

Additional work.

 Look at all the short examination questions on Socialism.  I shall provide a few essay answers myself starting with an essay on socialism and common ownership.