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Latest Links

This page contains a selection of new Sociology and Government and Politics links which I have collected between September 2020 and December 2020. I shall update the list again at the end of each term


Families and Households

Click here for a bundle of Family PPTs from Chris Livesey

Click here  for Changing patterns in parental time use

Click here and here for Coronavirus  and Time Use May 2020


Sociology of Education

Social Class and Education

Click here for Conversation article on Free School meals

Click here for latest DFE data on Widening Participation in HE 2019/19 [published July 2020] and click here for a Guardian article on this DFE Report

Click here for a very useful article on Cultural Capital by David Buckingham

Click here for Basil Bernstein and labelling

Click here for new item on the white working class and education

Click here for recent article by Diane Reay and here for Diane Reay’s views on external and internal factors

Click here for recent Class-Education research using NS SEC

Click  here for report on “Gifted and Talented pupils” from House of Commons Library [December 2020]

Click  here for catch up tuition

Ethnicity and Education

Click here for data on students with English as Additional Language

Click here for Professor Kalwant Bhopal lecture: Social justice, exclusion and white privilege in universities

Click here for Being Black at Cambridge University

Click here for ethnicity and Curriculum

Click here for detail on Afro=Caribbean GCSE results from education data lab

Click here for education data lab report; How pupil characteristics interact to influence education outcomes

Click here for Guardian article on school exclusions of Black working class students

Click here for an article on racism inside schools

Click here for a detailed article on Chinese students by Professor Becky Francis and colleagues


Education Policy

Click here for article by Michael Apple on Neoliberalism, neoconservatism and education policy

Click here for detailed paper on Conservative Education policy 2015-2020

Click here for an Education Policy podcast which covers education policies since 1944 in some detail. The podcast lasts approximately. two hours

Click here for Parliamentary brief on student loans

Click here for post-GCSE education trends [BBC]

Click here for Sutton Trust Report: School Places: A Fair Choice

Click here for Geography and Social Mobility from Social mobility Commission and video presentation here

Click here for HE Commons Research Briefing: Higher education student numbers

Click here for Education Policy Institute Report

Click here for  George Monbiot’s critical assessment of the  Policy Exchange  Think Tank

Click here for public school subsidies

Click here for detailed DFE PISA Report 2018

Click here for detailed DFE TIMSS Report 2020

Click here and here and here and here for more coverage of TIMMS report


Social Differentiation and Stratification

Click here for an article on Max Weber

Click here for Social Mobility Commission State of the Nation Report 2018-19

Click here for Does Class Still matter?

Click here for a podcast of Leo Panitch discussing Ralph Miliband’s The State in Capitalist Society

Click here for an article on Friedrich Engels

Click here  for a talk on Multiculturalism by Professor Tariq Modood

Click here for links to employment and NS SEC data

Click here for three useful government publications on gender and equality

Click here for link to excellent recent free E textbook on Ethnicity, Race and Inequality

Click here for Race and Ethnic Disparities [ House of Commons Library Briefing Paper [September 2020]

Click here for Report of the Wealth Tax Commission: A Wealth Tax for Britain and here for Guardian coverage of the report

Click here for a JRF Report: Destitution in the UK 2020

Crime and Deviance


Click here for Crime in England and Wales: Year Ending June 2020

Click here for Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System 2018

Click here for Statistics on Women and the Criminal Justice System 2019



Theory and Methods

Click here for 6 lectures on Sociological Theory

Click here for a Modernity/Postmodernity timeline

Click here for The Sociology Show: An Introduction to Postmodernism

Click here for two lectures on Postmodernism by Professor Jeremy Gilbert

Click here for a series of philosophy/politics/sociology podcasts with information on postmodernism

Click here for a series of podcasts by Professor Stephen Hicks on Postmodernism and Education

Click here for extended lecture on Postmodernism by Professor Stephen Hicks

Click here for a very similar extended lecture by Professor Hicks

Click here for a critique of Professor Hicks

Click here for another Item by Professor Hicks

Click here for some rather difficult resources on Postmodernism

Click here for a Postmodernism site which has with a lot of information on Fredric Jameson

Click here for a small Postmodernism website

Click here and here and here for more information on Postmodernism

Click here ,   here  , here ,   and  here for information on Ulrich Beck 

Click here for the relevance of Ulrich Beck in the time of COVID19

UK Government and Politics and Political Ideologies  Links

Click here for Tides of History: Commentary on Labour History, British Politics and Working Class Culture

Click here for The A Level Politics Show: a series of podcasts on UK and USA Government and Politics by Mr Nick de Souza

Click here for a list of Explainers from The Institute for Government

Click here  for The Constitution Unit Website

Click here  for Tory Leaders and their MPs [Radio 4 Analysis]

Click here for The Brexit Storm [BBC documentary]

Click here for Brexit Behind Closed Doors Part One

Click here for Brexit Behind Closed Doors Part Two

Click here for a link to podcasts from the LSE

Click here for Patrick Dunleavy Lectures on the UK  Party System

Click here for LSE British Government course [from 2014/15]