The Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition: Selected links


  1. Click here for Polly Toynbee : The Honeymoon's over
  2. Click here  for Seamus Milne on possibility of an economic U turn
  3. Click here for  letter on Vince Cable
  4. Click here possible difficulties over AV
  5. Click here for Larry Elliot on the IFS and the June Budget.
  6. Click here for Guardian coverage of LibDem Conference
  7. Click here for Guardian coverage of Nick Clegg's statement that coalition with Conservatives is for one Parliament only and that coalition with Labour could be possible in the future.
  • Observer
  1. Click here for Nick Clegg's defence of the Coalition
  1. Click here for John Hutton to head Public Sector Pension Review Commission
  2. Click here for Frank Field becomes Poverty tsar and  here for his views on "problem parents"
  3. Click here for Alan Milburn to become Social Mobility tsar
  4. Click here for BBC assessment of first 100 days [See also useful links on educationeconomy etc.]
  5. Click here for BBC coverage of IFS Report suggesting that the Conservative/Lib Dem June Budget was regressive in its impact.


  • Bill Jones' Blog  Scroll to the bottom of Bill Jones' Blog Title Page for an archive dating from May 2005


  • Channel 4: The Coalition ill Jones is the acclaimed author of Politics UK. In his Blog he provides an informative, lively commentary on current political events which will prove useful for Sociology students, especially for those studying "Power and Politics".