Anarchism: Core Values

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Anarchism: Core Values


Views of Human Nature: Optimistic in general although Stirner’s views differ from those of other anarchists



  Natural Order: the claim that individuals are most likely to create social order without government and that government itself promotes social disorder.

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Living in tune with nature

  Economic Freedom [3]. Opposition to state

ownership and control of the means of production as in USSR “State Socialism

Emphasis on the rationality and sovereignty of the individual    

Core Values of Anarchism

  Economic Freedom [2] Support for laissez –faire, minimal Government and some economic Inequality



Very strong emphasis on individual liberty although it is important to clarify the meaning of liberty for anarchists.   Opposition to Authority of all kinds: opposition especially to states of all kinds, to law, religion and nationalism.

What about attitudes to expert authority?

What about attitudes to public opinion or traditional norms or values?

  Economic Freedom [1] Opposition to capitalist inequality and opposition to private property.

Support for: Mutualism [Proudhon],

Collectivism [Bakunin]

or Communism [Kropotkin]


Core values of Anarchism influence the strategies by which anarchist societies are to be achieved and subsequently organised.