Political Party Funding Links

The Funding of Political Parties : External Links Only

  1. Click here for latest data on Political Party Funding from the Electoral Commission. February 2019
  2. Click here for Guardian coverage of intra-party disputes over Conservative Party funding. February 2019
  3. Click here and here for Guardian articles showing Labour raised more money than the Conservatives February 2019
  4. Click here for overall Guardian coverage of Party Funding  February 2019
  5. Click here for The Financial Health of British Political Parties [Sam Power: LSE Blog : September 2018]  February 2019
  6. Click here for information from Britain's Changing Democracy Democratic Audit publication 2018  February 2019
  7. Click here for information from The Electoral Reform Society[2018] February 2019
  8. Click here for useful article on political party funding from the Political Studies Association [2017] February 2019
  9. Click here for Channel 4 Fact Check on Political Party Funding 2017  February 2019
  10. Click here and here for Guardian on Party Funding
  11. Click here for the Guardian on Lobbying
  12. Click here for the Independent on Party Funding
  13. Click here for the Telegraph on the City and Conservative party finances
  14. Click here  and here and here   and here for BBC on Party Funding
  15. Click here and here for BBC coverage of financial services industry financial support of the Conservative Party.
  16. Click here and here for BBC on Party Funding in the wake of revelations surrounding cash for access  to David Cameron and here for the subsequent award of large damages to the Ex Tory Party Treasurer.
  17. Click here for the Democratic Audit on Party Funding
  18. Click here and here for more recent information from the BBC
  19. Click here for BBC information Electoral Commission on funding in 2011
  20. Click here for Guardian article by George Monbiot
  21. Click here and here and here and here and here for BBC coverage and here and here for Guardian coverage and here and here for Independent coverage of Labour , Unite and Falkirk by-election  July 4th-9th 2013
  22. Click here for Observer article by Andrew Rawnsley on declining membership of political parties July 14th

  23. Click here for Observer article on business contributions to the Conservative Party July 14th

  24. Click here for BBC coverage of latest party political funding data July 26th

  25. Click here and here for Guardian coverage of GMB's reduced financial contribution to the Labour Party September 2013

  26. Click here for Independent Coverage of Labour and Party Funding  September 6th